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Wordle Today Answer – October 26 – WordGames360

Wordle Today Answer – October 26

We provide you with the solution for the puzzle of the Wordle Today Answer – October 26. Our daily hints and answers will help you guess the game’s words today in October. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

What’s the answer in Wordle today, we hear you cry? Well, wipe away those tears as we’re going to save you the trouble of actually playing the game. In this guide, we’re going to provide you with the answer every single day of the week, so you can skip the mental anguish and get back to sipping your latte.

We do recommend that you bookmark this page though, so you can check back daily with ease. Why actually try at Wordle when you can simply get the answer right here?

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Wordle Hint Today

Don’t want the answer delivered right to you, but want some help? We’ve got you.

The Oxford Languages dictionary definition of today’s word is:

Openly disregard (a rule, law, or convention).

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a word game owned by the New York Times that challenges you to guess a word every single day. You’re given six tries to guess, and all you have to go on is the number of letters.

How Does it Work?

You start by guessing any word that you can think of, and Wordle will tell you if the word is correct or not. Chances are it isn’t, but any letters you used that are in the correct word are highlighted yellow. If they’re also in the correct place, they’re green.

Taking ‘TRAIT’ as an example, if you guessed ‘CRATE’ on your first go, the letters ‘C’ and ‘E’ will appear in black, as they don’t appear in the word ‘TRAIT’. ‘R’ and ‘A’ would appear in green, as they appear in ‘TRAIT’ and are in the correct places.

Where Can I Play?

You can play Wordle on the official New York Times site right now. It works on any browser, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Wordle Today Answer

If you don’t want to know today’s answer, look away right now. We’re going to provide it in this section. Shoo!

Still here? Great. Then the Wordle answer today is:

Previous Wordle Answers

  • October 25: FOGGY
  • October 24: FAULT
  • October 23: MUMMY
  • October 22: N/A
  • October 21: GROVE
  • October 20: DENIM
  • October 19: QUIRK
  • October 18: EXIST
  • October 17: STEIN
  • October 16: SPADE
  • October 15: CATCH
  • October 14: FLOOR
  • October 13: EQUAL
  • October 12: IONIC
  • October 11: VALID
  • October 10: ENJOY
  • October 9: HOWDY
  • October 8: VIGOR
  • October 7: DANDY
  • October 6: SLOTH
  • October 5: MARSH
  • October 4: BOUGH
  • October 3: STING
  • October 2: TWINE
  • October 1: LEAVE
  • September 30: SCORN
  • September 29: SCALD
  • September 28: USURP
  • September 27: SOGGY
  • September 26: BRISK
  • September 25: ADMIT
  • September 24: GRATE
  • September 23: GLORY
  • September 22: SAINT
  • September 21: RECAP
  • September 20: ALIKE
  • September 19: TRICE
  • September 18: STICK
  • September 17: CHUTE
  • September 16: PARER
  • September 15: DOUBT
  • September 14: THYME
  • September 13: ALPHA
  • September 12: BOOZE
  • September 11: TIBIA
  • September 10: LOFTY
  • September 9: THEME
  • September 8: CLASS
  • September 7: LEERY
  • September 6: TAUNT
  • September 5: WHOOP
  • September 4: INTER
  • September 3: GULLY
  • September 2: CHARM
  • September 1: FUNGI
  • August 31: PRIZE
  • August 30: ONSET
  • August 29: CHIEF
  • August 28: GAUZE
  • August 27: RUDER
  • August 26: IRONY
  • August 25: CLOWN
  • August 24: NEEDY

And there we have it – you’ve beat Wordle for the day, and you’ve learned something. Go give yourself a pat on the back.

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