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Wild Hearts Kemono Quest – Tasks, Leaderboard, and More! – WordGames360

Wild Hearts Kemono Quest – Tasks, Leaderboard, and More!

Looking for Wild Hearts Kemono Quest – Tasks, Leaderboard, and More!? Redeem these codes Now with instructions on how to enter them and redeem your gifts. Continue reading if you want to know all about Wild Hearts Kemono Quest – Tasks, Leaderboard, and More!.

Curious about the Wild Hearts Kemono Quest? Our guide contains all you need to know about what this event is all about. We’ve also included a list of the tasks that you need to work through as you increase your overall number of points for the leaderboard!

Monster Hunter fans will love this one! It’s basically an open-world beast-hunting game, accompanied by gorgeous graphics and amazing environments. Immerse yourself in the world of Azuma as you fend off the dangerous Kemono monsters. Choose to play solo, or play with friends thanks to the handy cross-play feature!

You can learn more information about the game on the official site!

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Wild Hearts Kemono Quest

What exactly is the Kemono Quest?

Well, it’s basically a special event for players of Wild Hearts to celebrate the launch of the game! There’s an entire leaderboard on the official event website too. From the looks of it, you need to complete certain tasks to increase your amount of points – the higher your points, the more likely you are to appear on the leaderboard!

Keep in mind that you either need to stream the game, or record clips of your gameplay to prove that you have completed each task!

Style Points

From what we can gather, you can earn Style Points by taking part in combat. Let’s take a look at those listed right now!

Knockdown a Kemono with a Pounder

5 Points (You can only achieve this one!)

Complete a Hunt with a New Weapon

2 Points (You obtain these points every time you use a new weapon)

Most Stylish Knockdown 

5 Points (Judged by observers when submitting a clip of your gameplay)

Floor is Lava

2 Points (The most varied use of Karakuri when traversing the environment – you can only achieve this once!)

Stop a Kemono Charge with a Wall Karakuri

2 Points (You can only achieve this once!)

Combat Points

Additionally, you can also earn points in the Kemono Quest for taking part in combat with Kemono! We’ll list the number of points per Kemono rank below.

Low Rank (You earn +1 for your first time hunting a Kemono!)

  • 1* – 1 Point Each
  • 2* – 1 Point Each
  • 3* – 1 Point Each
  • 4* – 2 Points Each
  • 5* – 2 Points Each

High Rank (You earn +1 for your first time hunting a Kemono!)

  1. 1* – 2 Points
  2. 2* – 2 Points
  3. 3* – 4 Points
  4. 4* – 4 Points
  5. 5* – 4 Points
  6. 6*+ – 5 Points

Other Tasks to Receive Points

There are also additional tasks that don’t revolve around combat!

  • Longest Single Leap – 5 Points
  • Most Hunts Completed – 3 Points
  • Most Small Creatures Petted – 5 Points

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