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Tower of Fantasy King Build – Weapon, Skills, More

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Just unlocked King in Tower of Fantasy and not sure how best to play him? Our Tower of Fantasy King build guide is here to help you. We’ll help you equip King to tackle the most challenging content, as well as give you vital information about his weapon, skills, abilities, and more. We’ll keep it updated as Hotta Studios develops the game, adapting alongside balance changes, and new gear introductions.

Tower of Fantasty is a brand new gacha action RPG that’s here to take Genshin Impact’s crown. You explore a wide open fantasy world, collecting characters – known as Simulacra – which adjusts how you play. Each Simulacra has its own weapons, skills, abilities, and more, and there are a wide variety of them to collect gacha-style.

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Tower of Fantasy King Build

Tower of Fantasy still isn’t available across the globe, so we can’t provide you with the best King build just yet. Instead, we’ll provide you with all of the information you’ll need to know to get a good start with King.

We will update this guide as we play the game and learn more about King though, so make sure to check back soon for a full build.

Who is Tower of Fantasy King?

King is a Simulacra that bears more than a passing resemblance to Diluc from Genshin Impact. This fiery-haired warrior is known for his violence, and lives for the fight.

Where Can I See Some King Gameplay?

Hotta Studios released a gameplay showcase on Tower of Fantasy’s official Twitter account that shows off King’s flashy moves. Check it out at this link.

What’s King’s Weapon?

King fights with a flaming scythe known as the ‘Scythe of the Crow’, so is ideal for those amongst you that likes to cosplay as the grim reaper (or just loves Diluc from Genshin Impact).

How About King’s Abilities?

Sadly, we don’t know what King’s abilities involve right now. We will, of course, update this guide as soon as we’ve learned more.

Are There Any Other Tower of Fantasy King Skins?

Yes, there does seem to be another King skin available at launch, which we’ve included a screenshot of below.

King's other skin from Tower of Fantasy

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