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Torchlight Infinite Oracle – Ultimate Guide

Looking for Torchlight Infinite Oracle – Ultimate Guide?. Our daily hints and answers will help with this game today. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

The brand new Torchlight Infinite Oracle class, AKA Thea, arrived shortly after the game launched into open beta. The class also arrived in a slightly unusual way. Rather than be available completely for free, like the other classes, you actually have to pay to have the privilege of playing Thea.

This latest entry in the action RPG series brings Torchlight to mobile for the first time ever, and in a free-to-play format. It features five playable characters, most of which are entirely new to the series, alongside all of the monster slaying you dreamed of. If you love watching monsters burst into colourful gore, collecting showers of loot, XP, and gold in the process, you’ll love this.

In the meantime, we recommend checking out the official site to learn more about the game. Following that, make sure to check out our Torchlight Infinite codes list for freebies, Torchlight Infinite classes guide to learn more about them, our Torchlight Infinite tier list to learn who’s best, then our Torchlight Infinite builds guide to help you progress once you’ve picked. We’ve also put together a guide on how the Torchlight Infinite multiplayer and Torchlight Infinite controller support works.

How do I Play as the Torchlight Infinite Oracle?

Unlike the rest of the classes, you can’t currently select the Oracle class from the opening menu. That’s because Thea isn’t a free addition to the game.

Instead, you have to purchase the pass for the Dark Surge Season, which is running right now. Do so and you’ll unlock the brand new hero, Oracle, for use right away.

Torchlight Infinite Oracle

Below, we’ve recommended the best equipment, traits, talents, skills, and pact points for the Torchlight Infinite Oracle.


Your build really starts with equipment, which provides you with statistical bonuses that help define your play-style.

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Torchlight Infinite Oracle Traits

Traits tweak certain ability effects, fine-tuning your build to behave a certain way.

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Pact Points

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Torchlight Infinite Oracle Active Skills

Skills are the bread and butter of your build, and the active component of your play-style.

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Passive Skills

These are the best passive skills for the Oracle:

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Torchlight Infinite Oracle Talents

Similar to pact points, we’re not going to list the individual talents you should unlock, as it would be quite the list. Instead, here are the stats we recommend to aim for in each tree:

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Published: 2022-11-17 19:50:35

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