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The Grandfather ultra-rare Unique sword has been discovered in Diablo 4

First confirmed drop of the ultra-rare sword

It’s official: three of six super rare Unique items in Diablo 4 have been found. After almost a full month of players slaying demons every day, the ultra-rare Unique sword The Grandfather has finally dropped for someone.

With its discovery, The Grandfather will join the ranks of Andariel’s Visage and Harlequin Crest as the confirmed elusive Uniques to exist in the world. The other three extremely low-chance Unique drops, Doombringer, Ring of Starless Skies, and Melted Heart of Selig, have not dropped.

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Grandfather dropped
by u/Icy-Heat7531 in diablo4

The Grandfather that dropped came as a reward from a Helltide Mystery Chest. It was a Necromancer on the Asia server that received the rare sword. While even these weapons are subject to randomized stats, it fortunately rolled pretty good for them.

I plopped the screenshot of the item into Google Lens so we could get a better look at its rolls:

We know a bit more about how the rare Uniques drop

Over the weekend, Diablo 4 Lead Class Designer Adam Jackson provided some details on the extremely rare Uniques. We’ve listed these below:

  1. They can drop from level 85+ enemies.
  2. You can get them anywhere you can get a regular Unique, and they always drop at 820 ipower.
  3. We currently have 6 of them in the game.
  4. They’re realllly rare.

It’s important to keep in mind just how rare these items are. People have been playing Diablo 4 every day for a month now. While most are not high enough level to even trigger the drop, those that are have been farming a lot. Adam also clarified in a follow-up tweet that any Unique drop has a chance to appear as one of these six variants. Therefore, the best way to farm these would be to do content that drops the most Uniques per hour.

The odds for these items remind me of Path of Exile’s Mirror of Kalandra. That item is so rare that players may not see it drop for thousands of hours. Given that players have amassed 10,000 years of playtime in Diablo 4 and we’ve yet to find every one of these items, the drop rate sure seems astronomically low.

Although frustrating, the shear rareness of this equipment can add some excitement to Diablo 4. Just keep in mind that while some “best” builds may include one of these items, you’ll probably never see them. For the sake of your sanity, don’t plan around owning any of these Uniques.

Diablo 4 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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