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Survivor.io Tier List – All Weapons Ranked

We provide you with the solution for the puzzle of the Survivor.io Tier List – All Weapons Ranked. Our daily hints and answers will help you guess the game’s words today in October. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

Survivor.io is a very cunning game. It takes the best of two incredibly addictive genres, .io games and Vampire Survivors-likes, and combines them together. You run around an enormous arena collecting XP orbs to grow in power .io-style. Collect enough to level up and you unlock a power-up, which is very reminiscent of Vampire Survivors. It’s a little more idle than that one though, with your character and the various upgrades firing off at the hordes of attacking enemies automatically. That does make it perfect for one-handed mobile play though.

Your goal is to survive for as long as you can. Much like in Vampire Survivors, death is inevitable, but it’s also a vital part of the game’s progression. Each time you die, you earn currency and XP that allows you to unlock persistent gear, upgrades, and stat boosts. That means, each time you play and die, your character gets a little bit stronger, hopefully allowing you to survive a little longer next time. It’s a pretty compelling loop.

But, the question you’ll find yourself asking shortly after you start playing is: what’s the best equipment? Well, that’s exactly what we plan to answer in this Survivor.io tier list. Here, we’ve ranked all of the equippable items from the very peak of power at S tier, to the weeds of D tier. By reading this, you’ll learn which equipment pieces you should focus on collecting and upgrading from loot boxes, and which to ignore entirely.

You can learn more about the game on the developer’s official site. If you’re just getting started, we recommend grabbing the latest Survivor.io codes that you can redeem for in-game goodies, helping you to progress faster. We’ve also got a complete list of Vampire Survivors characters, and a detailed guide to Vampire Survivors evolution.

Survivor.io Tier List – Best Weapons

First, we’ll rank all of the Survivor.io weapons you can currently unlock in Survivor.io.

Tiers Explained

Before we move onto the tier list though, we thought we’d quickly explain what our tiers mean:

  • S Tier: These are the best pieces of equipment currently available in the game, and you should definitely aim to use them. They should also be the first choice to level up.
  • A Tier: These equipment pieces are great for filling gaps in your equipment – particularly when you haven’t unlocked enough S tiers,
  • B Tier: Equipment in this tier can really help during the early phases of the game, when you haven’t unlocked much, but they fade later on. Definitely use them when you lack S and A equipment pieces, but swap them out as much as possible.
  • C Tier: The only real difference between C and D tier is that C tier equipment pieces can occasionally have niche uses. They may be great at a particular game mode, or be exceptionally powerful early on. A late-game character shouldn’t use them though.
  • D Tier: We don’t recommend using these equipment pieces under any circumstance, unless you absolutely have to because you have nothing else. They underperform at all stages of the game, and in all game modes.

S Tier

The best weapons in the game that will help you survive for longer than the others.

A Tier

Strong weapons that are well worth using if you haven’t unlocked an S tier yet.

B Tier

Average weapons that won’t hold you back, but don’t excel in any areas.

C Tier

These weapons can have some niche uses, but are otherwise worth avoiding.

D Tier

Avoid these weapons at all costs.

Survivor.io Tier List – Best Armor

Now, we’ll rank the armor sets in Survivor.io.

S Tier

The best armor in the game.

A Tier

Solid second choices if you haven’t got the best.

B Tier

Average sets that don’t excel or underperform.

C Tier

These can have niche uses but are otherwise just not worth using.

D Tier

The worst sets in the game.

  • Army Uniform
  • Traveler’s Jacket

Survivor.io Tier List – Best Necklaces

Moving on, let’s take a look at the Survivor.io necklaces.

S Tier

Should be self-explanatory at this point: use these if you unlock them.

A Tier

A good secondary option if you don’t have an S.

B Tier

Average necklaces that won’t hold you back.

C Tier

If you have nothing better, use this.

D Tier

Avoid these.

  • Army Nameplate
  • Emerald Pendant

Survivor.io Tier List – Best Belts

What about belts? Which one of these are best? Let’s dive in.

S Tier

If you unlock one of these belts, use it without question.

A Tier

Your first choice of alternatives to an S tier.

B Tier

Decent, if not perfect.

C Tier

Will do in a bind.

D Tier


  • Broad Waistguard
  • Leather Belt

Survivor.io Tier List – Best Gloves

Getting pretty deep into the tier list now. Here are the best gloves.

S Tier

The best.

A Tier

Second best.

B Tier

Getting into average territory.

  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Shiny Wristguard

C Tier


D Tier

Oof. Nope.

Survivor.io Tier List – Best Boots

Finally, let’s take a look at footwear. Here are the best boots in Survivor.io.

S Tier

The swankiest boots around. Wear these to look, and feel, awesome.

A Tier

Solid runners that will get you from A to B with ease.

B Tier

Reliable footwear that won’t let you down.

C Tier

Those scrappy trainers in the back of your wardrobe that you forget about.

D Tier

These don’t fit.

  • Army Boots
  • Layered Snowshoes

Survivor.io Tier List FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions that you may have about Survivor.io or tier lists in general.

What Is A Tier List?

A tier list is a list of equipment or characters that you can unlock in a game – particularly a gacha game – ordered from best to worst. We rank from S tier to D tier, with S being best and D being worst.

The purpose of a tier list is to help you, the player, determine who the best characters or equipment pieces to unlock are, so you can save time and money.

How did We Pick Our Survivor.io Tier List?

It was actually pretty easy, in all honesty, as Survivor.io is nice and straightforward, and the various different pieces of equipment have quite clear strengths and weaknesses. After unlocking them all, and trying them for a time, we’re pretty happy with the order we’ve placed them in.

However, tier lists are subjective by nature, and your experience may vary – particularly if you’re a fan of a different play style. With that in mind, take this list with a pinch of salt.

But that’s going to do it for this guide. Make sure to bookmark this page to keep an eye out for new gear dropping down the line, check out our related content at the top of the article, and grab the game via our download links.

How Often Do We Update Our Survivor.io Tier List?

We update this tier list regularly to ensure that it always follows the latest meta. Typically, you can expect an update around the following happenings:

  • A new equipment piece releases
  • Balance changes

There may be a small delay between the above two events as we’ll return to the game to check out the new character for ourselves, or to see how the balance patches have affected things.

Published: 2022-11-07 18:02:54

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