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Survivor.io Skill Tier List – – WordGames360

Survivor.io Skill Tier List –

Looking for Survivor.io Skill Tier List –? Our team has categorized Survivor.io Skill Tier List -. Best Characters Ranked and how to get new characters at wordgames360. Continue reading to know all ranking of members related from best to worst.

Survivor.io Skill Tier List

Last Updated on 28 January, 2023

Survivor.io Skill Tier List – Do you want to know which Survivor.io Skills are the finest in terms of value and performance? Then have a look at this post for our Survivor.io Skill Tier List.

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Survivor.io S Tier Skills

  • Destroyer (and Divine Destroyer): The Destroyer is a powerful turret that is obtained by combining a Five-Star Type-B-Drone Weapon Skill with a Type-A-Drone Supply Skill. When combined with a Medi-Drone, it becomes the ultimate offensive and defensive powerhouse, the Divine Destroyer.
  • Inferno Bomb: This trap-like EVO skill is obtained by combing a Five-Star Modular Mine and a Five-Star Molotov. It deals powerful and wide AOE attacks that leave lingering fires, making it an excellent tool for annihilating enemies and providing coverage for your survivor.
  • Quantum Ball: This potent offensive weapon is obtained by combining a Five-Star Soccer Ball with a Sports Shoes Supply Skill. The increase in movement speed from the Supply Skill makes it even more handy when dodging enemies.
  • Supercell: This EVO skill is obtained from a Five-Star Lightning Emitter Weapon Skill and the Energy Cube Supply Skill. It’s effective against both mobs and bosses, and has a wider range than most EVO skills.

Survivor.io A Tier Skills

  • Defender: This EVO skill is obtained by combining a Five-Star Guardian Weapon Skill with a EX-Bracer Supply Skill. It’s not the most offensive option, but it’s a top-tier defensive choice for putting space between you and the mobs.
  • Fuel Barrel: This EVO skill is obtained by combining a Five-Star Molotov Weapon Skill and an Oil Bond Supply Skill. It leaves fires on the ground that can trap enemies, but the lackluster Supply Skill needed to obtain it holds it back.
  • One Ton Iron: Simple but effective, this EVO skill is obtained by combining the Five-Star Brick Weapon Skill with the Fitness Guide Supply Skill. It packs a punch and has a defensive edge from the HP Boost given by the Supply Skill, making it handy at higher levels.
  • Sharkmaw Gun: This EVO Skill is obtained by combining the Five-Star RPG Weapon Skill with the HE Fuel Supply Skill. It’s an effective projectile, but not as much as the Supercell. The HE Fuel Supply Skill’s Ammo and Weapon Range Bonus still makes this EVO skill useful.
  • Thunderolt Bomb: This EVO skill is obtained by combining a Five-Star Modular Mine with a Five-Star Lightning Emitter. It’s powerful but not as handy as the Inferno Bomb, which leaves lingering fires to burn enemies.
  • Whistling Arrow: This EVO skill is obtained by combining a Five-Star Drill Shot Weapon Skill with a Ammo Thruster Supply Skill. It allows you to peg enemies and bosses from a distance, keeping them at bay.

Survivor.io B Tier Skills

When it comes to surviving in the post-apocalyptic world, choosing the right EVO skills can make all the difference. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular EVO skills and evaluate their effectiveness in a survival situation.

  • Caltrops: This EVO skill combines a Five-Star Durian with the HE Fuel Supply Skill. While it is effective, the Sharkmaw Gun may be a better option for you. However, if you’re having trouble obtaining the RPG card, Caltrops can be a decent substitute.
  • Death Ray: To obtain this EVO skill, you’ll need to combine a Five-Star Laser Launcher Weapon Skill with the Energy Cube Supply Skill. The cooldown bonus that comes with the Energy Cube Supply Skill is certainly useful, but it’s best used in conjunction with the Supercell.
  • Moonboow Slash: This EVO skill is obtained by combining a Five-Star Moonshade Slash Weapon Skill with the Ronin Oyoroi Supply Skill. While it can be effective, it’s only truly useful when paired with the Katana or Light Chaser Weapons. On its own, it doesn’t stand out as particularly noteworthy.

Survivor.io C Tier Skills

  • Force Barrier: This EVO skill is created by combining a Five-Star Forcefield Device Weapon Skill with an Energy Drink Supply Skill. Unfortunately, it’s too defensive to be truly useful in a survival situation. The healing provided by the Supply Skill may not be enough to keep you alive in a tight spot. If you want to survive the apocalypse, you need to be able to fight, not just defend.
  • Magnetic Rebounder: This EVO skill is obtained by combining a Five-Star Boomerang Skill with a Hi-Power Magnet Supply Skill. The increased draw distance provided by the Supply Skill may not be particularly useful since you’ll likely be moving around the field. Additionally, the skill doesn’t do enough damage to be particularly effective in battle.

Survivor.io Skill Tier List – How Skills work in Survivor.io?

As a player in Survivor.io, you’ll begin Each level with no skills, but you’ll acquire a new one every time you level up. The key to leveling up is to collect the colored diamonds scattered on the ground by defeating enemies.

Your skills will be randomly selected each time you level up. You can choose between three different Weapon and Supply skills.

Additionally, skills you’ve already obtained can also be randomly leveled up with each boss you defeat.

You are allowed to use up to six Weapon Skills and six Supply Skills at a time. If you have the right combination of Weapon Skill and Supply Skill, a weapon can be leveled past level five into an EVO skill, which is usually a super-powered weapon. However, we recommend avoiding aiming for a Force Barrier or Magnetic Rebounder.

Survivor.io Skill Tier List – The Ultimate Guide to the Best EVO Skills Survivor.io

Survivor.io may seem like a simple mobile game about surviving against hordes of zombies, but it’s a game that requires strategy and skill to master. Unlike other zombie games, you won’t be attacking enemies directly in Survivor.io. Instead, you’ll rely on Weapon and Supply Skills to outsmart and outlast your enemies.

One of the key elements of Survivor.io is the EVO skills that you can create by combining different Weapon and Supply Skills. These EVO skills can give you an edge in battles and help you survive longer in the game. But with so many skills to choose from, it can be tough to know which ones are the best.

To help you navigate the complex world of Survivor.io, we’ve put together a tier list of the best EVO skills in the game. This guide will give you an idea of which skills are worth investing in and which ones you should avoid.

  • In the highest tier, we have the “Ammo Craft” skill, which allows you to craft ammo for your weapons. This is a must-have skill for players who want to stay in the fight longer.
  • In the second tier, we have the “Trapper” skill, which allows you to set traps for zombies. This skill can be extremely useful for players who want to control the battlefield and keep zombies at bay.
  • In the third tier, we have the “Healer” skill, which allows you to heal yourself and your allies. This skill is essential for players who want to stay alive in the game.

Overall, Survivor.io is a challenging and complex game that requires strategy and skill to master. By understanding the best EVO skills in the game, you’ll be well on your way to surviving against the zombie and coming out on top.

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