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Squirdle Today Answer – November 3 – WordGames360

Squirdle Today Answer – November 3

We provide you with the solution for the puzzle of the Squirdle Today Answer – November 3. Our daily hints and answers will help you guess the game’s words today in October. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

Looking for the answer for Squirdle today? Well, you’re in the right spot. In this guide, we provide you with the answer for today’s puzzle, and, what’s more, we’ll keep this article updated every single day. So, if you’re a regular Squirdle player, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back frequently. That way, you’ll get the answer right every single day.

Squirdle is a Wordle-like daily puzzle game that swaps words for Pokémon. Each day, you have to guess a specific Pokémon from a database, with each guess providing you with clues to help you narrow down the correct one. You’ll learn whether or not your Pokémon shares any attributes, including gen, type, height, and weight, with an arrow helping you determine if the number of the attribute is higher or lower than the correct one. If that explanation is bad, have a play and you should get an idea.

You can play Squirdle right here. We also cover a bunch of Wordle-like daily puzzle games, so if you fancy playing something similar, make sure to check out Quordle today, Semantle today, Weaver today, LoLdle today, and Nerdle today.

What Is Squirdle?

Squirdle is a Wordle-like daily puzzle game that challenges you to guess a specific Pokémon every single day. If you like Wordle but are a much bigger fan of cute monsters than words, you’ll absolutely love it.

How Does It Work?

Guess a Pokémon and Squirdle will give you some feedback to help you narrow down to the correct answer. You’ll learn how your Pokémon compares to the correct answer according to these attributes:

  • Gen, including whether it’s higher or lower
  • Type 1
  • Type 2
  • Height, including whether it’s higher or lower
  • Weight, including whether it’s higher or lower

Using this information, you have to try and guess the correct Pokémon within seven guesses, or it’s game over.

Squirdle Tips and Tricks

  • Just guess: Don’t overthink your first guess, as you just want to get some information to go on. So just pick a Pokémon and go from there.
  • Pokédex: It’s worth keeping a Pokédex handy so you can check basic information about the Pokémon you’re guessing, including, perhaps vitally, the height and weight information.

Squirdle Today Answer

Finally, here’s the answer for today’s Squirdle challenge:

Previous Squirdle Answers

  • November 2: VIBRAVA
  • November 1: SHUPPET
  • October 31: BALTOY
  • October 30: SANDSLASH
  • October 28: ZIGZAGOON
  • October 27: OBSTAGOON
  • October 26: EMBOAR
  • October 25: BUNEARY
  • October 24: MEGANIUM
  • October 23: LUXRAY
  • October 22: N/A
  • October 21: BEEDRIL
  • October 20: RATTATA
  • October 19: VENIPEDE
  • October 18: SOLGALEO
  • October 17: ALOLAN NINETALES
  • October 16: ZWEILOUS
  • October 15: GRENINJA
  • October 14: ARMALDO
  • October 13: SWELLOW
  • October 12: MANKEY
  • October 10: MEGA LATIOS
  • October 9: N/A
  • October 8: N/A
  • October 7: KOMMO-O
  • October 6: THROH
  • October 5: ZIGZAGOON
  • October 4: CHIKORITA
  • October 3: TYRANTRUM
  • October 2: N/A
  • October 1: N/A
  • September 30: Incineroar
  • September 29: N/A
  • September 28: N/A
  • September 27: DREEPY
  • September 26: SPOINK
  • September 25: PHEROMOSA
  • September 24: TREECKO
  • September 23: POLTEAGEIST
  • September 22: PALPITOAD
  • September 21: GLOOM
  • September 20: SNORLAX
  • September 19: PALPITOAD
  • September 18: RHYPERIOR
  • September 17: AXEW
  • September 16: OSHAWOTT
  • September 15: QUILAVA
  • September 14: GLACEON
  • September 13: BLISSEY
  • September 12: DREEPY
  • September 10: ELECTABUZZ
  • September 9: OMANYTE
  • September 8: GARBODOR
  • September 7: TREVENANT
  • September 6: BOLTUND
  • September 5: EXEGGCUTE
  • September 4: CARNIVINE
  • September 3: NATU

And that will do it for our Squirdle today guide. Make sure to grab it via the links at the top of this page, check out our other guides linked in the third paragraph, and bookmark this page and check back daily for more solutions.

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