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Sailing Era Guide – How To Get Started – WordGames360

Sailing Era Guide – How To Get Started

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Eager to cast off in Sailing Era but not really sure where to start? Don’t worry! Our Sailing Era guide is here to answer all your questions and help you get out on the open water and off to adventure.

Sailing Era is a historical sailing sim and RPG that lets you live out the lives of four different captains and seek out your fame and fortune on the high seas. You will need to navigate, keep an eye on your supplies, and even fight off pirates with your cannons.

f you want to learn more about Sailing Era, check out the Steam page. Or, if you need another guide, check out our Sailing Era Characters guide, Potion Craft Recipes guide, and Eversoul Love Story guide.

Sailing Era Guide

Here we’ll try and answer any questions you have when starting out a game of Sailing Era.

How Do I Get A Ship?

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have to worry about affording a boat when you start out. Each of the captains will get a starting ship as part of the start of their storyline. Eventually, you will probably outgrow your starting ship and want to get hold of some more. Ships can be purchased in the docks of many ports.

How Do I Start Sailing?

You’re probably eager to get out on the water, but there are a few tasks that need taking care of before you set out. You’ll need to check out your home port and visit all the locations marked with an exclamation mark in turn. Work your way through these and you will eventually unlock the Pier, where you can prepare for a voyage.

What Do I Need Before I Set Out?

Before you take to the sea, you’ll need to assign any new crew members you have. This can be done by heading to ‘Fleet’ in your menu and heading to the Assign option. There you will have the option to place crew members into areas on the ship. Some characters will insist they’re placed in a certain position. You’ll also need to make sure you fill up on supplies before you go.

What Is Sailing Era?

Sailing Era is a sailing sim and RPG that lets you set sail across the world during the age of piracy. The game lets you crew your ship, sail to over two-hundred different ports, and engage in naval and boarding battles. You can pursue bounties, trade in goods, and pursue scholarly interests in a huge and dynamic historical world.

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