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Pokémon GO Codes – Gamezebo

Looking for Pokémon GO Codes – Gamezebo? Redeem these codes Now with instructions on how to enter them and redeem your gifts. Continue reading if you want to know all about Pokémon GO Codes – Gamezebo.

Not quite making as much progress as you’d like in Pokémon GO? Little strapped for cash? Well, that’s where our Pokémon GO codes list comes into play. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the latest codes that you can redeem in-game. Do so and you’ll earn free stuff that will help you progress without spending a dime.

Unless you were living under a rock in 2016, then you’ll know what Pokémon GO. The clever mobile game is perhaps the closest thing you’ll get to ever playing Pokémon in real life, as your phone turns into a Pokémon finder. Using the game, you’ll track down Pokémon in your local area, catching them, and training them up yourself. There’s even Poké-centres, where you’ll bump into fellow Pokémon GO players!

If you want to learn more about Pokémon GO, check out the game’s official website. Or, if you fancy a different Pokémon game, check out our Pokémon Violet/Scarlet codes guide, Pokémon Unite codes guide, and our Pokémon Violet/Scarlet tier list.

Pokémon GO Codes

Last checked for new codes on February 2.

Active Codes

Since the recent World Championship event in Pokémon GO, there’s been no new codes. But, considering there’s been plenty before, it’s safe to assume there’ll be more to come in the future. For that reason, we’ll continue to keep an eye out and update this codes guide as soon as new codes drop. Check back soon!

Expired Codes

  • E9K4SY77F5623

Pokémon GO Codes FAQ

Still got questions about Pokémon GO? Confused about what codes are? Well, we’ve answered all questions you may have below.

What Is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is the perfect mobile game for Pokémon fans, letting you blur the line between your favourite anime and real life. Using the game, you’ll track down Pokémon in your local area, catching them, and training them up yourself. There’s even Poké-centres, where you’ll bump into fellow Pokémon GO players!

What Are Codes?

Codes are, essentially, free gifts that developers and publishers provide to players. They usually arrive in the form of fun little phrases that you can redeem in-game. What you get for doing so can vary too. Typically it’s in-game currency, but you can occasionally get characters, item, boosts, and more.

If you play a game regularly, and prefer to avoid spending money, you should definitely keep an eye out for codes as often as possible. 

How do I Redeem Pokémon GO Codes?

Redeeming codes in this game is different, depending on your phone. If you’re playing on Android, simply follow these instructions…

  • Launch Pokémon GO
  • Select the menu
  • Select the shop
  • Swipe at the bottom, revealing the code redemption box
  • Copy a code from the above and paste it into the field
  • Redeem your freebie

If you’re on iOS, you’ll have to redeem your codes through a web browser.

Why is My Code Not Working?

If your code didn’t work when redeeming it, chances are that it’s expired. Most codes do have an expiration date, but we often don’t learn when this is at the point the codes are handed out. Instead, we test them regularly to see if they’re still working, but they’ll occasionally slip through the cracks.

Alternatively, it might be that you’ve redeemed that code already. You can typically only redeem a code a single time per account, so if you’ve redeemed one already it won’t work a second time. It’s worth making a note of which codes you’ve redeemed each time you do so.

Where Can I Get More Codes?

We update this article every single time a new code is released, so the best way to get more codes is to bookmark this page and check back regularly. That way, you’ll never miss out on a freebie.

You can also follow the game’s official Facebook page. Developers usually hand out codes over social media, and even hand out different codes on each platform. So it’s worth following all of the above to ensure you never miss anything.

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