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Pixel Piece Map Guide – All You Need to Know

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Looking for a Pixel Piece map guide? We’ve got you covered! This guide contains all of the locations in the Roblox game, as well as what to expect from each area. We’ve also included some handy info about what you can obtain from the locations too. Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when you’re playing the game!

Explore the world of One Piece in this Roblox game based on the hit franchise! Create your very own character as you sail the vast seas. Play through a wide selection of quests, as well as challenges, raids, and exciting dungeons! There’s a plethora of content to enjoy, as you try your best to find special Devil Fruits. If you’re not familiar with what Devil Fruit is, they give you fresh abilities! You can learn more about it on the game’s official Roblox page.

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Pixel Piece Map Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Pixel Piece Maps

  • Starter Island
  • Shells Town
  • Orange Town
  • Vaill Island
  • Syrup Village
  • Shark Park
  • Baratie
  • Arena Island
  • Central Port

Starter Island

On this part of the map, you’ll be fighting bandits of the sea! As the name suggests, it’s the first island you visit, so it’s fairly easy. The bandits are level 1+, so they’re pretty easy to beat! However, the Bandit Boss, Sophia, is level 10+, so you need to prepare before taking her on!

On the Starter Island you can obtain the following items:

  • Classic Katana
  • Classic Cutlass
  • Pixel Piece Pose
  • Shells Town Log Pose
  • Rowboat

Shells Town

To unlock this part of the map, you need to be level 15+. The enemies in this area are called the Marines, who are each equipped with Cutlass Swords. You’ll come across Starter Marines who are level 15+, followed by Sword Marines who are level 30+ – beware! The big boss in this section of the map is called Axe Hand Morgan who is level 40+.

In Shells Town, you can obtain the following items:

  • Axe Hand
  • Katana
  • Marine Cap
  • Caravel
  • Metal Jaw
  • Baratie Log Pose
  • Orange Town Log Pose

Orange Town

To explore this area, you need to be level 35+. The enemies you’ll come across in Orange Town are Kabaji, Puggy Pirates, and Captain Puggy!

In Orange Town, you can obtain the following items:

  • Kaba Scarf
  • Puggy Scarf
  • Knarr
  • Cutlass Charlie
  • Puggy Knives
  • Cutlass Kaba
  • Clown Nose
  • Syrup Village Log Pose

Vaill Island

To unlock this area, you need to be level 70+. You can unlock the Haki ability on this island! To obtain Haki, you need to speak with the Haki Trainer, followed by defeating the Ancient Gorilla Boss.

In Vaill Island, you can obtain the following items:

Syrup Village

To unlock Syrup Village, you must be level 70+. The trainers you’ll meet in this area are called Geppo Trainer, and Sword Style Trainer. As you explore the village, you’ll come across a variety of enemies called Booster Bandits, Strong Nuro Bandits, Nuro Bandits, and the Nuro Pirate.

In Syrup Village, you can obtain the following items:

  • Nuro Claws
  • Shark Park Log Pose

Shark Park

To unlock Shark Park, you need to be level 110+. You need to be careful in this area, as the entire location has a ton of Orling Bandits.

In Shark Park, you can obtain the following items:


In Baratie, you can learn the Black-Leg Fighting Style! To unlock this ability, you need to speak to the Black Leg Trainer, Sandro.

Arena Island

  • This is the PvP area in Pixel Piece

Central Port

  • This is where you can visit the Fruit Shop to buy Fruits with Gold or Robux

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