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One Piece Odyssey Timeline – When Does It Take Place?

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To say that there’s an expansive timeline in the One Piece franchise would be an incredibly vague understatement. The beloved franchise began as a manga series in the late 90s, and eventually an anime adaptation spawned. The anime is still airing, and already has over 1000 episodes, making the timeline absolutely massive. Since it’s release, fans have been wondering where One Piece Odyssey fits into all this, and to help answer this question, we’ve created a One Piece Odyssey Timeline guide.

One Piece Odyssey is a turn-based video game based on the hugely popular One Piece anime/manga series. The game has an open world, and respectively recreates a lot of the series’ story with it’s advanced level design. The game gets progressively more difficult as you play, as you encounter enemies, boss fights, and increasingly difficult stages.

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One Piece Odyssey Timeline Explained

We’ll now delve deep into the One Piece timeline and try and pinpoint just exactly where the new game fits.

What We Know

On the official One Piece Odyssey website, the studio releases a statement regarding the timeline for the game. Unfortunately, it’s very vague. The statement reads,

…during their voyage along the Grand Line.

This does little to resolve our question, as most of One Piece takes place while the Straw Hat Crew are travelling the Grand Line.

Narrowing It Down

One way of narrowing down where in the timeline One Piece Odyssey takes place is by looking at the characters. Who is in the game, and who isn’t?

By playing the game, you’ll notice Sanji is still onboard the Thousand Sunny with the crew. As Sanji leaves the crew in episode 768 of One Piece, we know that the game must take place before then.

The absence of the character Jinbe backs this theory up, as Jinbe officially joins the crew in episode 980.

The game actually adapts a few of the stories from the anime series, and one of these stories is the Dressrosa arc. The Dressrosa story ends in episode 746, as the game adapts the story through a flashback. As you look back at the story retrospectively in the game, you can assume the game is set after episode 746.

With all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that One Piece Odyssey takes place somewhere between episode 746 and episode 768 of One Piece.

Does It Even Matter?

As stated before, a lot of the game focuses on revisiting popular storylines in the One Piece canon through flashbacks. This is because the whole point of One Piece Odyssey is to celebrate the 25 year legacy of the manga.

The original story that the game tells doesn’t do much to add to the history of the series, further emphasising the focus on the grand-story of One Piece, rather than the one it’s currently telling.

So should we just let it go? We have somewhat of an answer by now, but does that even matter?

From a narrative point, no. From a narrative point, it doesn’t truly matter where or when One Piece Odyssey fits into the timeline.

For our One Piece-obssessed brains – of course it matters! And we’re happy to have come to a conclusion.

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