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Miko Era: Twelve Myths Classes – Which One Is The Best?

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Looking for the best Miko Era: Twelve Myths classes? After playing through the game, we’ve created a guide that not only ranks all of the classes, but also provides information on each, too. This will allow you to find the one that’s perfect for you without having to try out each class yourself, saving time.

Miko Era: Twelve Myths is a brand-new MMORPG game that takes a casual approach to the MMO genre. Within the game you’ll do the usual MMO gig; fight enemies, explore dungeons and the open world, and upgrade pretty much everything about your character.

For more information on the game, check out the game’s official Facebook page. If you can’t get enough Miko Era, then check out our Miko Era: Twelve Myths codes guide and our Miko Era: Twelve Myths tier list. If you’re looking for a new game, check out our Error 143 passwords guide.

Miko Era: Twelve Myths Best Class

Now, just before we take a look at some of the different classes in the game, we’ll reveal what we believe is the best class…


The Swordsman is probably the easiest class to choose from. Not only do the spinning slashes and attacks allow for a good field of range, the Swordsman cuts through enemies with ease. Upgrading each ability will make you stronger, and after the first couple of fights, it’s honestly a snowball. With every boss fight, you’ll pick up new gear, making it sort of impossible to fumble the early stages of the campaign. You’ll find yourself breezing through it in no time!

Miko Era: Twelve Myths Classes

With the best class out of the way, we’ll have a look at some of the other classes that the game has to offer…


While not as strong or as hard hitting as the Swordsman, the Lancer uses a lance to provide swift attacks at the enemy. Because their weapon is smaller, it can be used for a mix of ranged attacks and repeated jabs. What the Lancer loses in strength, they make up in speed. On top of this, the Lancer is balanced out with their mix of close and ranged attack capabilities. If you’re stuck choosing a class, this one could be for you!


This class also wields a sword, and is a good contester for the best class! In contrast to the Swordsman’s focused damage, Takehimes can send bursts of damage towards enemies, as well as a circular gyro to help with initial damage. This makes them great for crowd control!


What MMO RPG would be complete without an Archer? It goes without saying at this point what this class is good for and what they do, but we’ll write it anyway! Long ranged attacks brought on through the power of the bow. The only weakness is when they’re crept up on by hard-hitting enemies, such as bosses. You’ll be good though as long as you keep your distance.

Miko Era: Twelve Myths Classes FAQ

We’ll now go onto answer some questions that you might have thought up while reading our guide.

What Is A Class Guide?

A class guide is a guide that details the different classes, particularly for an MMO RPG. Often enough, you’ll see that we’ve also ranked what we believe to be the best class with this guide.

Not only does this help you save time picking out your selected class, but you’ll also get a head start by playing the best class from the very beginning of the game!

How Did We Pick Our Best Class?

We picked what we believed to be the best class from a mix of the following factors…

  • Personal experience playing the game
  • Consulting other class guides
  • General feedback from the community

We understand, however, that it all boils down to personal preference. If your favourite class wasn’t crowned here, then don’t let it stop you from playing them! We recommend that all players try each class out if they have any doubts so that they can form their own opinion.

How Often Do We Update Our Class Guide?

We’ll update our guide if one of the following factors happen…

  • New classes are introduced
  • Classes are re-balanced

It might be a little time after the events happen that our update goes live. At the end of the day, we need time to play any new update ourselves to get the information to write the guide!

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