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Paragon: The Overprime Characters Listed

Looking for a complete list of all Paragon: The Overprime characters, complete with descriptions, skill effects, and more? Well, you’re in the right place! In this guide, we do exactly that, providing you with a resource you can use to decide which character you want to play. It’s the perfect companion to our Paragon: The Overprime tier list, which ranks all of the characters in order of best to worst.

Paragon: The Overprime is the next generation of the MOBA series that puts the gameplay into 3D perspective. It’s kind of like Smite in that respect, but if you haven’t played that, think League of Legends but played from an over-the-shoulder perspective. It features the same variety of heroes, lanes, and gameplay priorities, so you’ll feel right at home if you’re into MOBAs.

You can learn more about it on the official site. If you’re looking for something new to play, check out our Overwatch 2 tier list, Gundam Evolution tier list, and Gunfire Reborn tier list.

Paragon: The Overprime Characters

Note: this list is a work-in-progress, and we’ll populate it with all of the characters as time goes on.

Now, we’ll list all of the Paragon: The Overprime characters, broken down into the various classes. We’ll detail how each class works, and include skill descriptions for each character.


Warriors are your up-close-and-personal damage dealers. They’re a bit squishier than tanks, but can take more of a pummelling than most of the other classes.


Known as the legendary warrior of the Nata, Khaimera has been protecting the forest since he was abandoned there at the age of thirteen. His movement resembles a wild beast charging at an enemy without hesitation. He eliminates anything in the way with his axes. His agility allows him to swiftly move across the battlefield, disrupting the enemy. Some refer to him as an Issue Maker. He has come to the battlefield to show the greatness of the Nata.

  • Quick Swing – Q:
    • Increases Basic Attack’s Attack Speed to the maximum for a set duration. However, also decreases damage dealt to enemies while the Attack Speed boost is active.
  • Orb of Recovery – E:
    • Increases the amount of Health recovered every time the hero attacks an enemy. The Health Recovery effect stacks and will eventually reset if the hero doesn’t attack an enemy for a set duration.
  • Axe of Insanity – R:
    • Swings an axe wide at a selected target, Stunning them and dealing Physical Damage. All affected enemies within the area are Slowed and Pushed. A successful skill attack grants 6 Orbs of Recovery.
  • Soar ‘n’ Smash – RMB:
    • Soars up in the air and lands on a selected target, Slowing them and dealing Physical Damage to the enemy. A successful skill attack grants 3 Orbs of Recovery.
  • Rough Swing – LMB:
    • Swings a stone axe to deal Physical Damage to enemies.


Serath is an archmage known for her ability to control two opposite powers at the same time. She used to lead a cult called Xarakua, and is now an elder of the Black Magic League. Her iron mace earned her the nickname the Inquisitor of Battlefield. She hopes to return everything back to the way it was in the beginning.

  • Execution by Illusion – Q:
    • Summons an Illusion of the hero to execute all enemies within the area. An Illusion appears before one target at a time, dealing Physical Damage equal to 100% of Base Power. The Illusion continues to find a target every 0.2 sec until it executes all enemies within the area. The hero becomes Invincible while the Illusion is summoned.
  • Descending – E:
    • Levitates into the air and quickly descends on a selected location to deal Magical Damage.
  • Summoned Angel of Balance – R:
    • Transforms into the Angel of Balance for a set duration, Burning all enemies within the area. Deals Magical Damage to Burned victims, but also increases the hero’s Received Damage by a certain amount. A successful Basic Attack on a Burned enemy deals Bonus Physical Damage. During the transformation, landing a skill on an enemy applies both the Burn and Received Damage Increase effects.
  • Angel’s Wingbeats – RMB:
    • Spreads wings to Slow all enemies within the area for a set duration and deal Physical Damage.
  • Immediate Judgment – LMB:
    • Swings an iron mace to deal Physical Damage to enemies.

Feng Mao

An elder of the ancient Huahn tribe with blue skin, great intelligence, and incredible stamina.
Using ‘Kai’, a weapon that only elders can possess, he slashes his enemies without mercy to influence the tide of battle.
He made his escape during the invasion of the Shakkadian Empire, but recently reappeared. His reappearance fuels the desire for independence in the hearts of the Etanus tribes.

  • Auspicious Spirit – Q:
    • Grants the hero a Shield that absorbs Damage for a set duration. While the Shield lasts, the hero obtains the Skill Immunity effect once.
  • Spear of Dawn – E:
    • Swings a spear to inflict physical damage to enemies, slowing them down for a set duration.
  • Strong Determination – R:
    • Leaps ferociously, smashing the ground to deal great Damage to enemies in front. Instantly uses Execution if the enemy hero’s Health is below a set amount, and resets the skill’s cooldown. If the skill is not used again within a set duration after using Execution, the default cooldown is applied.
  • Great Leap – RMB:
    • Teleports to the selected location and inflicts damage on nearby enemies.
  • Firm Will – LMB:
    • Swings a giant spear to inflict damage on enemies.


The chieftain of the Ectasia tribe that valiantly fights for honor. He strides over the battlefield with his enormous blunt weapon and quickly subdues any enemy he encounters. He is recognized as the greatest chieftain among the numerous tribes of Etanus for his wisdom and ferocity. Together with Rampage, he fights for the independence of his homeland.

  • Primal Grip – Q:
    • Slams the ground to inflict damage on enemies in front and pull them in.
  • Unrivaled Momentum – E:
    • Fiercely charges forward to inflict damage on enemies.
  • Fury of the Great Chieftan – R:
    • Becomes enraged, increasing physical power and stunning nearby enemies.
  • Rage – RMB:
    • Swings a blunt weapon to inflict damage on enemies in front.
  • Ferocity – LMB:
    • Swings a blunt weapon to inflict damage on enemies.


A warrior who wields the Celestial Blade and mercilessly cuts down enemies. He leads from the front line with his heavy sword in one hand. Formerly the third prince of the Kingdom of Rinn on the planet Elkima, he lost his entire family in the Rebellion of Houses. He fights to return the world to its rightful order.

  • Rumble – Q:
    • Plunges a sword into the target location and damages enemies, summoning a lightning storm for a set duration. 
    • Enemies in the area of effect cannot leave for a set duration.
    • Using the skill again or pressing LMB while the sword is still in the ground returns the sword.
  • Fierce Battle – E:
    • Charges quick and low and becomes Invincible for a set duration.
    • Increases New Moon Swing’s stage by 1 and resets the next New Moon Swing’s cooldown.
    • Teleports to the Rumble sword’s location if it is still in the ground. Killing an enemy hero or assisting in a kill after acquiring Fierce Battle resets Fierce Battle’s cooldown.
  • New Moon Kwang – R:
    • Becomes a New Moon Warrior who emits concentrated lightning energy for a set duration. While in this form, the hero gains all effects granted by the Thunder and Lightning status and can use the effects an unlimited amount of times.
    • Using Crescent Moon on an enemy also Stuns them for a set duration.
  • Crescent Moon – RMB:
    • Deals Magical Damage to enemies within range and resets the next New Moon Swing’s cooldown.
    • Gains Thunder and Lightning status, allowing the hero to deal Bonus Magical Damage when the next Basic Attack hits an enemy.
    • Using Crescent Moon while the Rumble sword is still plunged in the ground deals Bonus Magical Damage in the area.
  • New Moon Swing – LMB:
    • Slashes the enemy in the order of Sky/Earth/New/Moon, dealing Physical Damage equal to 120%/100%/110%/140% of the hero’s Physical Power.
    • Landing New on an enemy launches them Airborne.
    • When Moon lands on an enemy hit with New, deals Bonus True Damage equal to 30% of Physical Power. This skill is not affected by Attack Speed.


Support characters come in many forms. Some focus on healing, others on protecting, and others on CC. No matter how they do it, their priority is in keeping the team alive though – particularly the damage dealers that will carry the game to victory.


The former Chief Researcher of Biotechnology and Physics for the Haileen Royal Research Institute of Rutas, Dekker spent most of her life in a lab studying the weaponization of plasma. Her dedication to this research has been successful, enabling her to throw plasma balls and create plasma walls to disrupt the enemy. She now searches for new research material on the battlefield.

  • High Elasticity Plasma Ball – Q:
    • Throws a High Elasticity Plasma Ball in a desired direction. When the Plasma Ball hits an enemy, it explodes, dealing Magical Damage and Stunning enemies within range.
  • Plasma Dome – E:
    • Throws a Plasma Ball in a selected location to create a Plasma Dome that Slows all enemies within the area. After a set duration, the Dome explodes to deal Magical Damage. Use the skill again before the automatic Dome explosion for earlier detonation with 50% less Damage.
  • Enclosing Bulwarks – R:
    • Raises Plasma Bulwarks in a selected location, creating an enclosed area for a set duration. Allies outside of the Bulwarks can enter, but enemy heroes can’t leave the enclosed area once they’re inside. The Bulwarks block all projectiles. Use the skill again within 3 sec to remove the Bulwarks immediately.
  • Ignition Boots – RMB:
    • Jumps high in a desired direction.
  • Plasma Ball – LMB:
    • Fires a Plasma Ball to deal Physical Damage to enemies.


The first son of Eralkum held in high esteem as a Kalyma sage. He is a powerful Support who beats a large drum in battle to inspire his allies and heal them in moments of crisis. He may become the next chief due to his outstanding battle prowess and his love of his people. He intends to make known the “Third Enemy” following ancient prophecies.

  • Marching Anthem – Q:
    • Plays a Marching Anthem to increase the Attack Speed and Movement Speed of the hero and nearby allies.
  • Inspirational Anthem – E:
    • Plays an Inspirational Anthem to restore the Health of the hero and nearby allies. This skill can be toggled on or off.
  • Great Roar – R:
    • Plays the drum for a set duration, Slowing nearby enemies and dealing Magical Damage. At the end of the performance, enemies are launched Airborne.
  • Pew! – RMB:
    • Throws a drumstick in a straight line to Stun enemies and deal Magical Damage.
  • Ba Dum! – LMB:
    • Strikes an enemy with a drumstick to deal Physical Damage.


A talented cyborg Support who uses her divine power to protect her allies and save countless lives. Thanks to her actions, people call her the Battlefield Angel or Shining Goddess. She was a faithful priestess of Osyne and protector of the Sacred Ground of Armonia, but she later chose to become a cyborg to be with her dear sister.

  • Final Judgement – Q:
    • Summons a pillar of light which lasts for a set duration, increasing the movement speed of allies and decreasing that of enemies within range.
    • Combining Glowing Light with Final Judgment stuns enemies for a set duration in the area of effect.
  • Glowing Light – E:
    • Creates a shield which absorbs allies’ damage and explodes after a set duration, dealing great damage to enemies within range.
    • Combining Final Judgment with Glowing Light stuns enemies for a set duration in the area of effect.
  • Faithful Vow – R:
    • Uses wings to fly over to a target, then grants a shield.
    • Launches enemies near the target airborne and inflicts damage.
  • Glory of Osyne – RMB:
    • Propels a holy crystal toward an ally to create a damage-absorbing shield.
  • Divine Shot – LMB:
    • Fires a divine shot to inflict damage on enemies.


A powerful warrior of the Titans, a small tribe on the planet Etanus. He leads allies from the front with his strong physique and great strength, and he does not hesitate to offer support in emergencies. His skills were recognized when he rose to a high position in Shakkad’s Imperial Army. He has since fought to restore the Titan tribe’s prosperity and lost status.

  • Advance – Q:
    • Charges forward with a steel shield to inflict Magical Damage on enemies and launch them Airborne. While charging, gains a Shield that absorbs damage.
  • Ironclad Wall – E:
    • Throws a steel shield to a desired direction to create a barrier that blocks all projectiles for a set duration.
    • Enemies who trespass the barrier are Slowed for a set duration.
  • Unstoppable Power – R:
    • Leaps into the air and strikes enemies with a steel shield upon landing, launching enemies Airborne and dealing Magical Damage.
  • Shield Bash – RMB:
    • Swings a steel shield to slow and inflict damage on enemies.
  • Titan’s Blow – LMB:
    • Swings metal fists to inflict damage on the enemy.


Rangers are the ADCs of the Paragon universe. They’ll go down the same lane as the supports, and will carry the team to victory. If you like playing glass cannons, these are the characters for you.


Born on Rutas as the son of a famous politician of the Shakkadian Empire, Wraith suffered from a critical burn during an accident. His undamaged nerves had to be connected to a high-tech machine, transforming him into a mechanical scout. His new body has scouting, scanning, and long-range attack abilities, making him effective in general recon and combat. He has joined the battlefield to show off his greatness to the world.

  • AI Scanner – Q:
    • Throws a small device in a selected location to install a scanner that detects enemies for a set duration. Detected enemies are visible to allies for a set duration.
  • Space Distortion – E:
    • Distorts time and space to forcibly move a selected enemy hero back to a location from 2-3 seconds before.
  • Ultimate Switch – R:
    • Stealths the hero and nearby allies with 100% transparency, increasing Movement Speed for a set duration.
  • Zero Flag – RMB:
    • Takes a shooting stance and fires a Pulse that passes through walls to deal Magical Damage. Refills all used Mana and decreases Skill Cooldown by a certain amount if the skill successfully kills an enemy.
  • Pulse Gun – LMB:
    • Fires a pulse gun to deal Physical Damage to enemies.


A red-eyed shooter who deals devastating damage with his powerful gun. He lies in wait behind his allies until the perfect chance comes to fire with deadly accuracy. He was an ordinary human being who grew up in an orphanage, but his dealings with darkness robbed him of his body and turned him into a shadow. He fights to personally punish the forces of evil and regain his physical form.

  • Storm of Bullets – Q:
    • Fires a flurry of rounds forward.
    • The more targets there are, the wider the range of fire.
    • Using Storm of Bullets while reloading immediately completes the reload.
  • Vital Wound – E:
    • Slows a selected enemy for a set duration and inflicts Vital Wound, dealing True Damage every time a Basic Attack hits.
    • Vital Wound can stack.
    • Inflicting Storm of Bullets on the target of Vital Wound deals a set amount of Bonus True Damage per shot.
  • Abysmal Prison – R:
    • Teleports with a selected enemy hero to another world for a set duration. While isolated from the main world, the target is Rooted for a set duration and takes True Damage equal to 10% of the enemy hero’s current Health. Killing an enemy hero in the other world grants Bonus Gold.
  • Mortal Shot – RMB:
    • Passive: Deals Bonus Physical Damage to the enemy hit by the last bullet. Reloading speed increases with higher Attack Speeds.
  • Wild Revolver – LMB:
    • Fires a handgun to inflict damage on enemies.


A member of the Shakkadian Empire’s Black Falcon Army. He is a quick shot with his gun Kelte and excels in both strategy and technique. He is called the Outlaw of the Battlefield or Loose Cannon. He was originally the second son and favored heir of the empire’s state-run defense company, Grail Corporation, but chose the military due to his disillusionment with capitalism.

  • Target Check – Q:
    • Fires 10 homing bullets to deal Physical Damage to enemies.
  • Commence Bombardment – E:
    • Takes a launching position and fires a grenade to deal damage to enemies in the area of effect.
  • Ultra Precise Shot – R:
    • Fires a laser which penetrates all objects to inflict damage on enemies.
  • Shock Bullet – RMB:
    • Fires a shock round to knock back and inflict damage on the enemy.
  • Enhanced Pulse Bullet – LMB:
    • Fires a pulse round to inflict damage on the enemy.


A bounty hunter who suddenly appeared some time ago and made the world take notice. He stealthily disorients the enemy from a distance with two pistols. His weapons and combat style are known to resemble those of Herald, the Reaper of Shakkad, who disappeared several years ago, but it’s unclear whether Twinblast and Herald are the same person.

  • Burn to Ashes! – Q:
    • Tosses a grenade to the chosen location, inflicting damage on enemies and slowing them down.
  • Boost Mobility – E:
    • Quickly lunges in the desired direction. Enhances mobility and creates grenades.
  • Equilibrium – R:
    • Consecutively fires 7 rockets to deal Physical Damage to enemies.
  • No Mercy – RMB:
    • Fires three quick shots with a handgun. Chance to deal critical damage.
  • Pump Action – LMB:
    • Fires a handgun to deal physical damage to enemies.


An archer and Support hero who aims her sharp arrows at enemies’ heads. She utilizes her nimble bow and quick movement to block and overpower enemies with deadly shots. She grew up in an orphanage after losing her family to a plague, then faced tragedy once more when she lost her friends as well. She fights for justice and to avenge her lost loved ones.

  • Rain of Arrows – Q:
    • Rains arrows in the target area, slowing and inflicting damage on enemies in range.
  • Swift Arrow – E:
    • Increases attack speed and movement speed for a set duration.
  • Hail of Arrows – R:
    • Enhances the bow, making it effective for AoE attacks for a set duration. The enhanced bow drastically increases the number of arrows fired by Basic Attacks, dealing Damage to all enemies within range. Enhanced side arrows deal Damage equal to a portion of the hero’s Physical Power.
  • Focus – RMB:
    • Focuses then fires a powerful arrow that can penetrate through walls. Damage increases proportional to time spent focused. If this skill hits an enemy hero, the cooldown of Swift Arrow decreases for a set amount.
  • Arrow of Justice – LMB:
    • Fires an arrow to inflict damage on enemies.


Casters are your mid-lane specialists, who can hold a lane by themselves thanks to their unique skillset. Late in the game, they can dish damage with the best of them too. This is a good class for those that don’t like settling on a specific play-style.


Captain of the Ventus Mercenaries, widely renowned throughout the galaxy. She uses ice magic with incredibly destructive power. She was once Queen of the prosperous Kingdom of Vinea, but she was cursed by a spirit after being deceived by someone she loved. Because of the curse, she was dethroned and exiled from the kingdom, which was then overtaken by neighboring kingdoms. She now fights alone to restore Vinea to its former glory.

  • Frozen Track – Q:
    • Charges forward, leaving an ice trail behind that lasts for a set duration.
  • Glacial Barrier – E:
    • Creates ice rings in the surrounding area for a set duration. The rings inflict Root on enemies that touch them for a set duration and deal Magical Damage.
  • Glacier Explosion – R:
    • Freezes nearby enemies, Slowing them for a set duration. Within a few seconds, the ice explodes to Stun targets and deal Magical Damage. When Stun ends, deals Bonus Magical Damage to enemies within the area and Stuns them for a set duration.
  • Frigid Illusion – RMB:
    • Leaps in the direction the hero is facing and leaves behind an ice statue that Taunts enemy T-ons and buildings. The statue lasts for a set duration and Slows nearby enemies.
  • Frost Sword – LMB:
    • Swings a Frost Sword to deal Physical Damage to enemies.


Howitzer is a self-proclaimed genius pilot who likes to blow things up with his rockets and missiles. Known as a combat maniac, he causes damage in a wide area and disorients enemies. He prefers to live a simple, carefree life rather than waste time chasing dreams, achievements, or false hope. He lights up the battlefield and aims to eventually bombard the entire world.

  • Super Powerful Missile – Q:
    • Launches a missile that’s super powerful according to Howitzer’s standards. When the missile explodes, it deals Magical Damage to all nearby enemies.
  • This Is Mine! – E:
    • Installs an explosive mine in a selected location. After a set duration, the mine automatically explodes, dealing Magical Damage and Pushing all enemies within the area, including the hero. Use the skill again before the automatic explosion for earlier detonation.
  • Howitzer’s Showtime – R:
    • Soars up in the air and mercilessly rains missiles on a selected location, dealing Magical Damage to all enemies within the area. The last missile explosion deals Bonus 50% Damage.
  • Slow Bomb – RMB:
    • Drops a bomb on a selected location to Slow all enemies within the area and deal Magical Damage.
  • Fire Rocket! – LMB:
    • Fires a rocket at a selected target to deal Physical Damage.


A promising engineer on Setar, Gadget entered college at the age of sixteen and graduated a year early. She was hired as Chief Researcher of Setricta, but ended up returning home and opening a small repair store. She likes to try out her inventions, such as movement speed boosters and sticky bombs, on the battlefield. She is adept at helping her team by distracting the enemy.

  • Obsessive Bombs – Q:
    • Fires Obsessive Bombs that stick to all targets. Obsessive Bombs explode after a set duration, dealing Magical Damage to all enemies within the area.
  • Speed Gate – E:
    • Throws a circular device to install an Electric Line that increases the Movement Speed of all allies passing through for a set duration and deals Magical Damage to enemies.
  • Magnetic Field – R:
    • Installs a Magnetic Field in a selected location to deal Magical Damage to all enemies within the area up to 5 times for a set duration. Each attack decreases enemies’ Movement Speeds by a certain amount, and deals Bonus Magical Damage equal to 75% of Skill Damage per hit.
  • Electric Beam – RMB:
    • Throws a small device to place a combat robot in the air above the first enemy hit by the device. The combat robot shoots Electric Beam to Slow all enemies within the area and deal Magical Damage.
  • Galvanic Wave – LMB:
    • Sends out a powerful Galvanic Wave in a selected direction to deal Physical Damage to enemies.

The Fey

A fairy who guards the Fountain of Wisdom in Eupera Forest on the planet Etanus. After the fountain ran dry and the old tree that protected the forest died, she decided to head to the center of the galaxy to punish those who killed the forest and restore the fountain. She uses the power of the earth beneath her feet to bind her enemies and inflict continuous damage.

  • Forest’s Wind – Q:
    • Throws a bunch of vines in a straight line that grow for a set duration. The vines increase the Movement Speed of allies within range and deal Magical Damage to enemies.
  • Forest’s Warning – E:
    • Delivers Forest’s Warning to an enemy hero, dealing Magical Damage. Using the skill on an enemy hero recovers the Mana consumed for the skill.
  • Forest’s Judgment – R:
    • Throws clinging plants at a selected location and makes them grow. The mature plants Pull enemies toward the center, dealing Magical Damage.
  • Forest’s Will – RMB:
    • Throws vines at a selected location that grow for a set duration and Slow enemies within range. The vines deal Magical Damage, then deal Bonus Magical Damage in proportion to the target’s lost Health. Lastly, the vines deal Bonus Magical Damage when they disappear.
  • Forest’s Tears – LMB:
    • Throws a seed to deal Physical Damage to enemies.


A cute girl born with a superpower. She used to only use her power to drive out local thieves. After an awakening, she joined a superhuman organization called Flares. She uses telekinesis to block the enemy’s vision and distract them. She is always a reliable Support hero for allies on the battlefield. She believes she is the greatest and is confident she will become the superhero who saves humanity.

  • Flash Burst – Q:
    • Unleashes a burst of energy around self and the linked enemy, blinding and inflicting damage on enemies.
  • Light Flux – E:
    • Continuously fires supernatural energy to deal Magical Damage for a set duration. Damage stacks, and enemies with multiple stacks are Slowed. Slow also stacks, and enemies with more than a set amount of Slow stacks are Rooted.
  • Supercharge – R:
    • Detonates supernatural energy around the linked hero, dealing magical damage and pushing enemies back.
  • Synchronizer – RMB:
    • Links the hero to an enemy hero with psychic energy to deal Magical Damage for a set duration and recover the hero’s Health by a portion of the Damage. Using the skill again while linked to an enemy hero Pulls the enemy hero towards the hero. The Synchronizer link lasts for a set duration and ends if the enemy hero moves a set distance away.
  • Shooting Energy – LMB: 
    • Fires supernatural energy to inflict damage on enemies.


A scholar and Caster who studied ancient magic in the Veron Desert. He employs powerful attack magic using instruments such as circles and globes. In his quest for truth, he began to show a psychopathic greed. He broke away from a typical academic path to disseminate his own truth and fights to declare himself the absolute ruler of humanity.

  • Summon Meteor – Q:
    • Drops a meteorite to inflict damage on enemies in the area of impact.
  • Dimensional Rift – E:
    • Creates a dimensional rift and teleports.
    • The dimensional rift lasts for a set duration and can be used by allies.
  • Devour – R:
    • Creates a massive black hole, pulling all enemies within range to the center and dealing Magical Damage.
  • Distortion – RMB:
    • Throws a miniature black hole at enemies, inflicting damage and pulling them to the center.
  • Magical Mass – LMB:
    • Fires a magic orb to inflict damage on enemies.


The only daughter of the aristocratic Farsene family of the Shakkadian Empire and an excellent soldier. In battle, she mainly uses grenades, guns, and drones to rain chaos upon the enemy from afar. She now commands the empire’s Black Falcon Army and fights alongside Murdock to make the empire’s greatness known across the galaxy. It is said she came to the battlefield to look for her old comrade, Herald.

  • Ground Collapse – Q:
    • Creates a shockwave on the ground which travels in a straight line, inflicting damage on enemies and launching them airborne.
  • Commander’s Eye – E:
    • Deploys Commander’s Eye, which continuously depletes Mana from enemies and deals Magical Damage each time they use a skill.
  • Paralyzing Shot – R:
    • Fires a paralyzing shot at a selected enemy hero, inflicting True Damage and dealing Bonus True Damage per 1 Mana consumed by the target.
  • Suppress – RMB:
    • Throws a pulse bomb at the target location, dealing damage and gaining Mana based on the number of enemies hit.
  • Expert Tactics – LMB:
    • Fires a pulse rifle to inflict damage on enemies.


Heir to the House of Ryeong, one of the 12 powerful families of the Kingdom of Rinn, and the only blade dancer in the empire. She attacks enemies in various ways using her phantom wolves and shaman sword. She moves swiftly to corner and taunt enemies. Since the loss of her mother in the Rebellion of Houses, she has been working together with her childhood friend, Kwang.

  • Summon Phantom – Q:
    • Summons a phantom wolf to attack the enemy.
    • Landing this skill restores some Mana and decreases skill cooldown.
    • This effect happens only once, even when hitting multiple targets.
  • Phantom Dance – E:
    • Summons several phantom wolves and inflicts damage on enemies.
    • Dealing damage restores a portion of Bora’s Health.
  • Call of the Goddess – R:
    • Passive: Obtains a Wolf Qi every time a skill hits an enemy. Wolf Qi can stack up to 6 times and lasts for a set duration.
    • Active: Commands phantom wolves to attack a selected target. Deals a set amount of Magical Damage per stack of Wolf Qi.
  • Light’s Memory – RMB:
    • Charges forward to deal damage to enemies.
  • Butterfly Dance – LMB:
    • Swings a sword to deal damage to enemies.


These characters do what they say on the tin. They’re meat shields that soak up damage like nobody’s business. They have other uses though, including dealing respectable damage and solid crowd control.


A renowned general of the Ediaca tribe on the planet Etanus. He overpowers opponents with his huge beastly body and unexpected agility. He uses his fierce grip to throw rocks which can knock out enemies. He fights for Ediaca’s revival and independence and for a world free of invasions.

  • Savage Heave – Q:
    • Pulls a boulder out of the ground. Use the skill one more time to throw it in the direction you are facing.
    • Enemy heroes hit by the boulder take great damage and are stunned.
  • Earthquake Smash – E:
    • Slams the ground twice to inflict great damage to nearby enemies and slow them down.
  • The Liberated – R:
    • Grows in size to increase Max Health for a set amount and recover Health equal to the increased amount. Continuously recovers Health for a set duration and deals Magical Damage to enemies within range. Can use Savage Heave without a pre-animation.
  • Menacing Arrival – RMB:
    • Leaps to a selected location and deals Magical Damage to nearby enemy heroes upon landing. If Savage Heave is active upon landing, the boulder breaks and Stuns nearby enemies, dealing Bonus Magical Damage.
  • Furious Claw – LMB:
    • Slashes with claws to inflict damage on the enemy.


A vassal of Mateth and being of the void hidden in the dark corners of the Dekima Galaxy. He uses his frightening skills to steal the lives of others and bring chaos to his enemies. Because of these unique skills, he is called the Creature of Darkness on the battlefield. He plans to gather all the dark energy scattered throughout the galaxy to revive Mateth.

  • Soul Steal – Q:
    • Passive: Grants a Soul every time an enemy is killed using Soul Steal. Max Health is increased by a set amount for every Soul.
    • Active: Steals Souls from targets and deals Magical Damage.
  • Hollow Breath – E:
    • Summons souls in the selected area, inflicting magical damage to enemies and rooting them.
  • Deadly Declaration – R:
    • Unleashes a powerful blow to inflict damage on enemies and send them flying.
  • Into the Dark – RMB:
  • Hammer of Disaster – LMB:
    • Swings a giant hammer to inflict damage on enemies.


These are the junglers of the Paragon universe, battling monsters and sneaking up on unsuspecting heroes to take them down quickly.


A cyborg assassin who corners countless enemies, making them cower in fear. She uses her daggers to leave critical wounds or stealthily digs behind the enemy to quickly overpower them. She is called the Optimized Cyborg for
her outstanding attack power and quick judgment. She was previously an archbishop who guarded the Sacred Ground of Armonia on Etanus, but became a cyborg to fulfill her dream of achieving her motherland’s independence.

  • Faded Light – Q:
    • Stealthed for a set duration.
    • Deals a critical hit when attacking an enemy from behind while in Stealth.
  • Twilight Guide – E:
    • Teleports to the selected target’s location and inflicts damage.
    • Using this skill on marked enemies roots them for a set duration.
  • Evil Vow – R:
    • Slashes wildly to inflict damage on enemies in range and stun them.
  • Brand – RMB:
    • Throws a dagger to inflict physical damage and mark the target.
      Marked enemies explode when attacked, inflicting additional physical damage.
  • Dusk’s Teeth – LMB:
    • Slashes with two daggers to inflict physical damage.


From a young age, she’s been trained to kill.
This dual-wielding assassin moves through shadows to quickly end enemies.
Due to her bloody combat style, she is called the Crimson Assassin or the Assassin of the Dark.
In the past, she worked for a criminal organization, but now she assists Sevarog in reviving Mateth.

  • Shadow Ripple – Q:
    • Teleports to a selected target’s location, Slowing the enemy and dealing Damage.
    • Using Shadow Ripple again within a set duration teleports the hero back to their original location.
    • This skill kills T-ons instantly.
  • Blood Ripple – E:
    • Fires sword energy forward to deal Magical Damage to enemies in front. Decreases the Healing of targets damaged by the skill for a set duration.
  • Thirst – R:
    • Ambushes a selected enemy hero, Stunning them for a set duration and dealing Magical Damage.
  • Spin Slash – RMB:
    • Passive: Recovers a portion of Max Health every time a hero, T-on, or monster is killed using Spin Slash.
    • Active: Spins quickly and deals Magical Damage to enemies.
  • Ruthless Dagger – LMB:
    • Slashes with a short sword to inflict damage on enemies.

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