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What is Loldle Game? League wordle is a game based on the famous word game wordle but adapted this time to guess a League of Legends champion. This is a great game, also known as League Wordle. Learn how to configure loldle, how to download it, and why you play loldle game online. PLAY in 4 modes: Classic, quote, ability and splash mode. In this game you need to solve a mysterious league champion. If you like League of Legends, you’ll love this online game.

League wordle

League of Legends Wordle is very simple. It consists of guessing a champion in some attempts. When you solve this mysterious player, loldle game gives you the option to share it on your social networks. Share it with your friends!.

If you love league of legends!, we think you will like this online game. If you try it you will find out perfectly why this online game has gone viral in in a few hours.

How to play Loldle League of Legends Wordle

Guess today’s champion from loldle game “League of Legends”. It changes every 24h. There are 4 modes to play league wordle:

Classic mode

In classic mode, simply type in the name of a champion and it will reveal its properties.
The color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the champion to find.
Green indicates the property is an exact match.
Orange indicates partial match.
Red indicates there is no overlap between your guess and the property.
⬇️ ⬆️ With arrows, it also indicates if the answer property is above or below your guess.


Here is the details of each of the properties columns:

Possible values: Male, Female or Other

Most played positions in game.
Possible values: Top, Jungle, Middle, Bottom, Support

There may be multiple species for one champion.
Possible values: Human, Yordle, etc…

The resource used by the champion in game.
Possible values: Mana, Energy, Manaless, etc…

Range type:
How the champion hits other champions with right click in game.
Possible values: Melee, Ranged

Where the champion comes from or where he resides.
Possible values: Demacia, Ionia, etc…

Release year:
When the champion was released to be played.
Possible values: Any year between 2009 and 2022


To help you find the champion, you get to unlock clues after several guesses.
Quote gives a random quote said by the champion in game.
Splash gives a cropped section of one of the splash arts (skin’s images) of the champion.
Ability gives the icon of one of the spells of a champion, without its name.

If you guessed the champion, you can come back to the clues section and have the missing details about them: listening to the quote, having the full splash art and having the name of the ability.


Gender: Green
It is an exact match.

Position(s): Orange
It is partially correct since Ashe is only a Bottom champion.

Species: Orange
Ashe is not only a Human.

Resource / Range type: Green
They are exact matches.

Region(s): Red
It has nothing in common with Ashe’s regions.

Release year: Red and a down arrow
Ashe’s release year is before 2011.

Quote mode

In Quote mode, try to guess which champion says the sentence during a game or during champion select in the least number of tries.

You can listen to it once you guessed correctly!

Ability mode

In Ability mode, try to guess which champion has the spell whose icon is the one displayed in the least number of tries.

Splash mode

In Splash mode, try to guess which champion has the whole splash art as a skin image in the least number of tries.
It can be cut from the original one or any random skin.

You can see it full once you guessed it correctly!

▶️ Play League wordle

The game is very simple. Guess the name of the champion today. Select a champion to see if you have the correct team and more data.

If you want to play, you can click here to play online free. Every day, a new loldle wordle is chosen which players aim to guess. Play loldle game here and share your statistics with us!

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is League wordle?

The objective of League wordle is to try to solve a hidden League of Legends champion. This is a game in which players have some chances to guess a a mysterious League of Legends champion once a day.

How to play League wordle?

The purpose of the Loldle game is to guess a mysterious League of Legends player known as league Wordle. With each try, the colored blocks change to show how close you are to guessing the champion.

How many modes are there to play loldle ?

There are 4 modes to play loldle: Classic, quote, ability and splash mode.

What is the name of League wordle?

The game similar to wordle but in which you have to guess League of Legends players with several clues is called Loldle. You can see a guide on how to play loldle for more details, with rules, where to play for free and how to share your results.

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