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Kengun Online Codes – New Codes, November 23!

Looking for Kengun Online Codes – New Codes, November 23!?. Our daily hints and answers will help with this game today. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

Looking for the latest Kengun Online codes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we round up the latest codes that you can redeem in-game for freebies. We keep it updated as often as there are new codes too, so we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back often. That way, you’ll never miss out on a freebie.

Kengun Online is a brand new Roblox fighting game that draws inspiration from anime. You know the drill: battle enemies, explore the world, and level up to increase your power.

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Kengun Online Codes

Last checked for new codes on November 23.

  • 1.2.6 Cash – 2,500 Cash (New!)
  • UpdateCash – 2,500 Cash
  • UpdateReroll1 – Clan Reroll
  • UpdateReroll2 – Clan Reroll
  • ShutdownReroll1 – Clan Reroll
  • ShutdownReroll2 – Clan Reroll
  • DayTwoCash – 2,500 Cash
  • DayTwoReroll – Clan Reroll
  • DataWipeCash
  • DataWipeReroll – Clan Reroll
  • FreeCash – 5,000 Cash / 2,500 Bank
  • Reroll1 – Clan Reroll
  • Reroll2 – Clan Reroll
  • Reroll3 – Clan Reroll
  • Reroll4 – Clan Reroll
  • Reroll5 – Clan Reroll
  • Release!

Patreon-only Codes

Tier 1 and 2:

  • 1.2.6 Patreon Cash – 2,500 Cash (New!)
  • PatreonClanReroll1
  • PatreonClanReroll2
  • PatreonClanReroll3

Tier 3:

  • PatreonClanReroll4
  • PatreonClanReroll5

Kengun Online Codes FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions you might have about Kengun Online or codes in general.

What Are Codes?

Codes are how developers and publishers distribute free gifts to their communities. They usually take the form of a combination of numbers and letters that you redeem in-game to get free stuff.

These freebies can take many forms, from in-game currency, to skins, to boosts. They often drop around major events, like launches or updates, and stick around for a little while before expiring.

How do I Redeem Kengun Online Codes?

Redeeming codes in Kengun Online is very simple. Just follow these steps to get your freebies:

  1. Launch Roblox
  2. Boot up Kengun Online
  3. Open the menu
  4. Access settings
  5. Copy a code from above
  6. Paste it into the field
  7. Redeem it to get your freebies!

Where Can I Get More Codes?

To get more Kengun Online codes, bookmark this page. We update it as often as there are new codes, so if you check back often you’ll never miss out on a freebie.

Alternatively, you can join the official Discord. Not only can you meet fellow players and chat with them, making new friends in the process, but you can occasionally get codes directly from the developer. We’ll miss you though!

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