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Idle Breakout Codes – All Cheat Codes Listed

We provide you with the solution for the puzzle of the Idle Breakout Codes – All Cheat Codes Listed. Our daily hints and answers will help you guess the game’s words today in October. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

Did you know that Idle Breakout has a bunch of cheat codes that you can activate in-game to progress? Well, you do now. The best thing about this feature is that it’s completely legit, too. They’re not hacks, or illegitimate cheats, but save files that transport you into a version of the game that has potentially progressed further than you. That way, you can beat the game in a much shorter frame of time.

If you haven’t heard of Idle Breakout, it basically does what it says on the tin. It’s the classic game Breakout, but turned into an idle experience. That means you can, effectively, sit back and let your coloured balls destroy the bricks themselves. Each brick you destroy, you earn cash that you can spend on more balls, upgrades, or power-ups. You can even take an active role, if you’d like, clicking (or tapping) on balls yourself.

You can play Idle Breakout on itch.io. While we don’t tend to cover cheat codes often, we do provide free stuff in idle games via codes. If you’re interested, check out our Idle Champions codes, Dislyte codes, and AFK Arena codes.

Idle Breakout Codes

Below, we’ll add a bunch of Idle Breakout codes that you can use in-game to progress. We’ll also include instructions on how to use them beneath the codes.

Max Ball Upgrades


Infinite Money


Beat 6,000 Levels


Break a Million Bricks


How do I Use Idle Breakout Codes?

Fortunately, using these codes is pretty simple. Just follow these steps to get all of the cheats:

  • Click or tap on the settings button (it looks like a gear)
  • Copy a code from above
  • Click or tap on ‘Import’
  • Paste the code into the field
  • Hit ‘OK’ to load the code

Are There Any More Idle Breakout Codes?

There may well be! Given that these are save files, it’s likely that you can find codes for any form of progression within Idle Breakout. We’ll keep an eye out for any codes that we like the look of and update this guide as time moves on.

But that’s going to do it for this guide. You can check out the game by clicking on the link at the top of this page, check out our related guides in paragraph three, and bookmark this guide for instant access to cheat codes.

Published: 2022-11-04 15:09:11

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