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HoloCure Update – Next Update Details!

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Wondering how to perform a HoloCure update? Well, you’re in the right place. That’s exactly what this guide aims to help with. Given that HoloCure isn’t available on Steam, or another traditional marketplace, and doesn’t have a launcher, it’s difficult to know how to update it. Fortunately, we’ve dug into this for you, and have detailed the steps you can take below to keep the game up-to-date.

Not sure what HoloCure is? Well, it’s a brand new game in the burgeoning Vampire Survivors subgenre. It takes place in the hololive YouTube franchise, and sees you play as one of the hit idols. You have to battle hordes of crazed fans, levelling up your character, collecting items, and uncovering one of the myriad secrets.

We’ve covered the sensation since launch, putting together a number of guides to help you get started. We’ve got a HoloCure collabs guide, HoloCure tier list, HoloCure weapons list, and HoloCure items list.

HoloCure Update

Now, let’s take a look at the latest HoloCure update, and what might come next.

HoloCure Next Update Details

We’re expecting the next HoloCure update to launch in February with the following new features:

  • Graphics options
  • Items and weapons receive random perks or stat boosts on level up
  • Anvils can now enchant items for additional effects, rather than upgrade them
  • A new ‘Following Level’ system that grants in-game rewards by raising the G.Rank or clearing stages with an idol.
  • Weapon ‘stamps’ that will allow you to improve the stats of your weapons during a run
  • Achievements system
  • A new game mode (no details have been shared just yet)
  • UI changes

Latest HoloCure Update – September 9

Here’s everything that was added in the latest update:

  • New characters
  • Controller support
  • New music by @eufrik
  • Autopatch
  • New max levels for stat boosts in the store
  • New items and weapons
  • New enemies
  • Alternative outfits
  • New maps

See what else you can learn about the update by checking out the official announcement on Twitter.

HoloCure Update FAQ

Now, we’ll answer a bunch of questions that you may have regarding HoloCure and its updates.

How Do I Perform A HoloCure Update?

Previously, performing a HoloCure updated required some convoluted steps, which could result in you losing your save. That’s no longer the case thanks to the launcher.  Check out our HoloCure download guide for steps on how to get it.

Here are the steps you previously had to take to update HoloCure:

  • Visit the official HoloCure site
  • Scroll down to the bottom and download the latest HoloCure zip file
  • Unzip the files into your existing HoloCure file – this is a crucial step to ensure you don’t lose your save
  • Launch the EXE to play the updated game


  • Unzip the new version anywhere on your PC
  • Open the unzipped folder
  • Copy all of the files
  • Paste them into your original HoloCure folder and replace the original files


  • Install and let it do all of the work

Will There Be A HoloCure Mobile Version?

There isn’t at the moment, and we’re not sure if it’s planned for the future as nothing is confirmed. We’ll update this article if anything is announced.

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