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Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle – Gamezebo – WordGames360

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle – Gamezebo

Looking for Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle – Gamezebo? Redeem these codes Now with instructions on how to enter them and redeem your gifts. Continue reading if you want to know all about Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle – Gamezebo.

Are you struggling with how to solve the puzzle on the bridge on Hogwarts Legacy? Not to worry, we’ve created a Hogwarts Legacy bridge puzzle guide that will teach you step-by-step how to complete the task, unlocking secret loot.

Hogwarts Legacy is the brand new Harry Potter spin-off game that lets you finally live out your Hogwarts dream in a fantasy-adventure video game format. Become a Hogwarts student, learn spells, learn to fly a broom, as well as much more. Explore Hogwarts’ many corridors, grounds, and the Forbidden Forest, while rising to the top of your classes.

Interested in more Hogwarts Legacy content? We’ve got a bunch of guides on the game already, with more to come! Check out our Hogwarts Legacy leveling guide, Hogwarts Legacy character customisation, and our Hogwarts Legacy beginner’s guide. For more information about the game, check out the official Hogwarts Legacy website.

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle

We’ll now dive into the guide at hand.

Bridge Location

You might be wondering which bridge this puzzle takes place on. Hogwarts has it’s fair share of bridges, so it’s perfectly understandable that you would get confused!

The bridge itself leads to the courtyard, and it’s called the Great Hall Bridge. If you still don’t know where this is, don’t worry. Simply pull up your map and look towards the bottom. The bridge is outdoors, and, as it’s title suggests, connects the courtyard to the Great Hall.

How To Complete The Puzzle

Now you know which bridge we’re talking about, we’ll get on with the puzzle itself. Simply follow these steps to complete the task…

  1. Facing the courtyard from the Great Hall, light the left brasure on the stone barrier, and turn the brasure so that it reads “IV”
  2. Light the brasure on the right and turn it so that it reads “II”
  3. Light the left brasure closest to the courtyard and turn it so that it reads “I”
  4. Light the right brasure closest to the courtyard and turn it so that it reads “III”
  5. A trap door on the side of the bridge closest to the Great Hall will now open – climb down it to loot three secret chests

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