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Heaven Burns Red Characters – Rarities, Factions, and More! – WordGames360

Heaven Burns Red Characters – Rarities, Factions, and More!

Looking for Heaven Burns Red Characters – Rarities, Factions, and More!? Redeem these codes Now with instructions on how to enter them and redeem your gifts. Continue reading if you want to know all about Heaven Burns Red Characters – Rarities, Factions, and More!.

Curious about the Heaven Burns Red characters? We’ve got you covered! Our guide contains a list of all the characters from the game so far, including which faction they’re from, and what their rarities are. Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to when pulling on the game’s banners!

Heaven Burns Red is a gacha RPG that features a wide variety of characters to collect and upgrade. The game itself is filled to the brim with stylish art and a brilliant soundtrack – as well as a cast of amazing voice actors. Explore the open world as you battle against enemies in combat, and immerse yourself in the engaging storyline.

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Heaven Burns Red Characters

Now, let’s move on to the list of characters! We’ll split each character into their specific faction.

Beat Down, Rise Up

  • Karen Asakura (BLASTER) – A / SS
  • Megumi Aikawa (DEBUFFER) – A / S
  • Ruka Kayamori (ATTACKER) – A / SS
  • Yuki Izumi (BREAKER) – A / SS
  • Tsukasa Tojo (BUFFER) – A / SS
  • Tama Kunimi (HEALER) – A / S

Love and Peace

  • Sumomo Minase (BREAKER) – A / S
  • Kozue Hiiragi (DEBUFFER) – A / SS
  • Ichigo Minase (ATTACKER) – A
  • Erika Aoi (DEFENDER) – A / S
  • Byakko (BLASTER) – A / SS
  • Seika Higuchi (BUFFER) – A / SS

Failure is Not an Option

  • Seira Sakuraba (HEALER/BUFFER) – A / SS
  • Mari Satsuki (HEALER) – A
  • Yayoi Bungo (BREAKER) – A / S
  • Ivar Von Yamawaki (ATTACKER) – A / S
  • Miko Tenne (DEBUFFER) – A / SS
  • Adelheid Kanzaki (BLASTER) – A

Fly High!

  • We’ll update this section when we have more information after the CBT!

Get it Together!

  • Isuzu Ooshima (DEBUFFER) – A
  • Yotsuha Ooshima (BUFFER) – A
  • Niina Ooshima (BLASTER) – A
  • Ichiko Ooshima (DEFENDER) – A / SS
  • Minori Ooshima (ATTACKER) – A
  • Muua Ooshima (HEALER) – A

We Live Better

  • Maki Kurosawa – Check back soon!
  • Inori Natsume – Check back soon!
  • Kanata Maruyama – Check back soon!
  • Mion Yanagi – Check back soon!
  • Chirou Matsuoka – Check back soon!
  • Shiki Hanamura – Check back soon!


  • Chie Sugawara (HEALER/DEFENDER) – A / SS
  • Hisame Ogasahara (BREAKER) – A
  • Miya Kiryu (DEBUFFER) – A
  • Yuina Shirakawa (ATTACKER/BUFFER) – A / S
  • Monaka Tsukishiro (ATTACKER) – A / SS
  • Satomi Kura (BLASTER/ATTACKER) – A / S


  • Vritika Balakrishnan (DEBUFFER) – A
  • Li Yingxia (BUFFER) – A / S
  • Irene Redmayne (BREAKER) – A / S
  • Carole Reaper (ATTACKER) – A / SS
  • Charlotta Skopovskaya (DEBUFFER) – A
  • Marie de Angelis (HEALER) – A

For more information about the game, visit the official site!

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