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Gloria Victis Fishing Guide – Bait, Rods, and More!

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On the hunt for a Gloria Victis fishing guide? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide contains all you need to know about the fishing system in the game. We’ve included information about the different types of bait, conditions, rods, and more!

Gloria Victis is a medieval-style MMORPG with a fantastic open world. Immerse yourself in the vast world as you wander through capital cities and verdant fields. Take part in PvE and PvP combat, or relax with an afternoon of fishing and farming. Upgrade and craft new armor pieces, and equip your character with high-tier weapons to increase your stats!

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Gloria Victis Fishing Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Fishing Bait

It’s important to note that using a fish’s preferred bait will increase the rate of your catches! Let’s take a look at the preferred bait first:

  • Herring – Cyperus
  • Salmon – Beetle
  • Cod – Worm
  • Carp – Breadball
  • Zander – Grub

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of bait in the game:


  • Catches carp and herring
  • You can grow this bait as a crop


  • Catches carp
  • Created by disassembling bread


  • Catches salon, zander, herring, and carp
  • Collected during weeding


  • Catches zander, carp, and herring
  • Collected during weeding and when digging in a dig pit


  • Catches code, zander, herring, carp, and salmon
  • Collect during weeding and can be bought from the Glory Quartermaster for 15 Contribution Points each


  • You can buy lure at the Glory vendor for 800 Contribution Points and in the Support Shop for 150 Ambers
  • Lure boosts the speed of fish catching and decreases the fisher exploitation rate by 50% – the buff lasts a total of 30 seconds!

Fishery Conditions

Next up is the fishery system. The condition of fisheries heavily determines the quality, speed,  and type of fish you catch. The 4 fishery qualities are:

  • Rich
  • Average
  • Poor
  • Exploited

The fishery condition decreases as more fish are caught in that space, as well as the act of fishing there in general. The quality of each fishery will replenish after a period of time! We recommend sticking to fisheries positioned at a great distance from the capital and safe zone areas, as they tend to have Exploited or Poor conditions.

Gloria Victis Fishing Rods

Fishing rods can be crafted with the use of the Engineering profession. Rods at a higher tier can catch a fish much faster than the lower tier rods. You need to work on your Fishing Skill to be able to unlock each rod – this can be found in the Character Development window!

The rod tiers are:

  • Novice’s Fishing Rod
  • Journeyman’s Fishing Rod
  • Craftsman’s Fishing Rod
  • Master’s Fishing Rod

Active and Passing Fishing

Active Fishing – More EXP and speed

Active fishing is when you actively take part in the fishing minigame. You need to equip a fishing rod, select the bait, and cast your line! The minigame will then pop up once you get a bite.

Passive Fishing – Less EXP and slower

Passive fishing is when you leave your character fishing as you go AFK (away from the keyboard). The minigame will pop up when you catch a bite, but a fish will be caught once the game’s timer runs out.

Gloria Victus Fish Traps

You can use fish traps to capture fish when you don’t feel like standing around and fishing! It’s a brilliant way to passively catch fish while you do something else. You need to level up your Fishing Mastery in the Character Development window in order to unlock fish traps – you can then craft fish traps using the Engineering profession.

You can obtain the fish trap recipe at the Quartermaster of Hordun Temple, Quartermaster of Lordly Haven, and the Quartermaster of Lord’s Wrath Abbey.

There are some rules however when it comes to using fish traps in the game!

  • Fish traps can only hold 2 fish of each type
  • You need to fill fish traps with bait
  • Only 1 fish trap can be activated at once
  • You need to interact with a fish trap at least once every 3 days – it’ll despawn otherwise!
  • Fish traps work even when you’re offline

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