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Frozen City Heroes – Everything You Need to Know

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Been playing Frozen City? Well, you’ve probably encountered Frozen City heroes at this point. These elusive units bestow you with various benefits, which improve certain aspects of your base, from productivity, to defence. In this guide, we’re going to help teach you everything you need to about heroes in Frozen City.

Not heard of the game before? Well, Frozen City is an idle city building game that sees you striving to help a group of survivors thrive in a futuristic apocalyptic wasteland. You manage them, ordering them to gather resources, upgrade buildings, and feed each other. As the game progresses, you’ll face myriad threats, including starvation, exposure, and attack.

You can learn more about the game on the official site. We’ve also put together a Frozen City guide, which will help newcomers get to grips with the experience.

Frozen City Heroes

Now, let’s go through everything that you need to know about Frozen City heroes.

What Are Heroes?

Heroes in Frozen City are special units that provide you with in-game perks. These can help you boost a number of statistics that can help you produce more resources and make buildings more efficient.

How Do I Get Frozen City Heroes?

To unlock heroes, you need to get them from chests in the store. This aspect is similar to a gacha game, with chests having a set chance to drop each hero.

You can unlock chests for free – in fact, there’s a free chest – by completing tasks or watching ads to get diamonds, but the easiest way is to purchase chests.

You need to buy gems with real money to get chests though, so it can get quite expensive if you’re determined to get a specific hero quickly.

What Are The Hero Types?

Each hero helps boosts the production of certain buildings, but their primary focus is in combat. The types are as follows:

  • Damage: Damage are DPS characters that sit in either the front or back row, and deal  the most damage.
  • Support: Support heals and buffs allies, and disrupts your opponents from the back row.
  • Tank: These soak up damage for your party, and sit on the front row.

Can I Level Up Frozen City Heroes?

You bet! You can level up heroes to improve their statistics (primarily for combat purposes) by collecting and using ‘Wishing Stars’.

There’s also a hero promotion system, which requires ‘Hero Fragments’ and ‘Blazing Stars’. This form of upgrade is a lot more difficult to pull off, but provides a permanent boost in statistics and allows you to increase your hero’s level cap.

How Do I Use Heroes To Increase Productivity?

Also by levelling them up. At certain thresholds, your heroes will boost the productivity of the building they specialise in. That pretty much just involves levelling them up a bunch of times, making the process very simple.

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