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Forspoken Trophy Guide – All Trophies Listed

Looking for Forspoken Trophy Guide – All Trophies Listed? Redeem these codes Now with instructions on how to enter them and redeem your gifts. Continue reading if you want to know all about Forspoken Trophy Guide – All Trophies Listed.

Looking for a Forspoken trophy guide? Look no further! We’ve created this guide to help you unlock all of the trophies – even the hidden ones! There’s a wide variety of achievements in Forspoken, so make sure to bookmark this guide to refer back to when hunting them down.

Explore a mysterious world as Frey – a woman who suddenly finds herself away from her normal life in New York City, to the land of Athia. She can now wield the power of magical abilities, much to her surprise. As she gathers information about her new home, she discovers that the local citizens desperately need her help to defeat the Tantas. Immerse yourself in Frey’s adventure, as she battles against evil while uncovering the truth.

For more information about the game, visit the game’s official website, or take a look at the game’s Steam page.

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Forspoken Trophy Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Forspoken Trophy List

  • Forspoken – Platinum
  • Moves – Bronze
    • Earn mighty Pilo’s praise by dancing
  • Remembrance – Bronze
    • Say a complete set of remembrances to the dead
  • A Roaring Trade – Bronze
    • Trade Poppets for every item that’s available
  • Outdoorsperson – Bronze
  • Pilgrimage: Initiate – Bronze
    • Visit your first Monument
  • Explorer: Seeker – Bronze
    • Visit 10 points of interest
  • Unlocked Potential – Bronze
    • Spend your mana to learn your first spell
  • Call of the Fount: Baptized – Bronze
    • Obtain magical powers for the first time at a Fount of Blessing
  • Tinkerer – Bronze
  • Hop, Step, Jump – Bronze
  • Hell of a Run – Bronze
    • Do magic parkour for 20 seconds
  • Endless Runner – Bronze
    • Travel 100km using magic parkour
  • I Can Fly! – Bronze
    • Use the Float ability to stay airborne for a total of 10 seconds
  • Leapfrogger – Bronze
    • Jump over enemies 10 times
  • Tit for Tat – Bronze
    • Do ten precision counters
  • No Mercy – Bronze
  • Knock ‘Em Dead – Bronze
    • Finish 3+ enemies with a single Surge Magic
  • Help Me Out Here – Bronze
    • Use Disperse 3 times in one battle
  • Shocker – Bronze
    • Electrocute 3 enemies at the same time
  • Through the Eyes of Another: Empath – Bronze
    • Complete a flashback challenge for the first time at a Monument to Wisdom
  • Cat Person – Bronze
    • Become friends with all of Tanta’s familiars
  • Happy Snapper – Bronze
    • Show the children the photos of all photo spots
  • Above and Beyond – Bronze

Forspoken Hidden Trophy List

  • Attachments – Bronze
    • Obtain a mysterious golden bracelet
  • Stuck – Bronze
    • Journey through a deadly world
  • The Interloper – Bronze
  • What Must Be Done – Bronze
  • Might and Main – Bronze
    • Win a battle in a great fortress
  • Damned If You Do – Bronze
    • Experience peace and bitterness
  • The Hue of Blue – Bronze
    • Submit to otherworldly justice
  • None the Wiser – Bronze
    • Win a battle in a twisted reality
  • The Truth Will Out – Bronze
    • Win a trial of all trials
  • Breaking Point – Bronze
    • Learn a hard truth, but accept a harder one
  • Forspoken – Bronze
    • Hold the fate of the world in your own hands
  • Explorer: Pathfinder – Bronze
    • Visit a total of 50 points of interested
  • Rebirth – Bronze
    •  Help the people in Cipal
  • Promises – Bronze
    • Make a promise to someone special
  • Pilgrimage: Novice – Bronze
    • Visit a total of 20 monuments
  • Realized Potential – Bronze
    • Learn every spell in the game
  • Wildfire – Bronze
    • Defeat an enemy that is bound by the Tangled effect using Sila’s magic
  • Craftsperson – Bronze
    • Craft a healing item and 2 pieces of Frey’s original equipment
  • From Every Angle – Bronze
    • Use all types of Tanta magic in one battle
  • Barely There – Bronze
    • Hide for a total of 10 seconds at once
  • Through the Eyes of Another: Seer – Bronze
    • Complete flashback challenges at 10 Monuments to Wisdom
  • Pilgrimage: Adept – Silver
  • Awakening – Silver
    • Defeat a evil for the sake of humans
  • Explorer: Trailblazer – Silver
  • Call of the Fount: Beatified – Silver
    • Obtain the magical powers from all Founts of Blessing
  • Paragon – Silver
  • Kit and Caboodle – Silver
    • Obtain every piece of equipment (but not sub-quest pieces)
  • Through the Eyes of Another: Visionary – Silver
    • Complete every flashback challenge in the game
  • Abominizer – Gold
    •  Defeat all abominations
  • Archivist – Gold
    • Unlock 80% of the Archive

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