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Football wordle ⚽ Footdle Game

What is Football wordle? Footdle is a sports wordle game from a well-known wordle game, but this time it is adapted to infer soccer players from the top five leagues in the database. This is a great game, also known as Football Wordle. Learn how to configure it, how to download it, and why you play Footdle Online. In this game you need to solve a mysterious soccer player. Unlike Wordle, if you like soccer, you’ll love this online game.

football wordle

The game is very simple. It consists of guessing a soccer player in 12 attempts. When you solve this mystery player, Footdle Game gives you the opportunity to share it on social networks. It is a daily game that you can play once a day in today’s challenge mode or random challenges. In this a game that guesses a famous soccer player with 12 guesses. It’s more difficult than the original word, and we’ll show you how to play it with tips and tricks to improve your skills.

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What to know about footdle?

It is a simple pastime that has gone viral thanks to its simplicity, and the fact that you only have 12 daily attempts to solve its challenge. This Online game is a completely free word guessing game with no need to download anything or install the game. Footdle has a grid system where you focus all your attention on guessing a football player as fast as you can.

You must solve player name, position, league, nationality and which football club the footballer belongs to. As you choose, you can help yourself with the hints that the game gives you.

The purpose of this soccer wordle is to guess a football player in 12 attempts, so on the twelve attempt it is imperative that you solve it. The game offers a list of all the possible players for and you have to choose among all of them which one you think is the player today. The clues are independent for each player. A new mystery player every day!

This game donΒ΄t allows players to play a new game again after finishing the day’s game. If you want to play infinite futdle, we will explain how to do it if you continue reading.

Footdle modes:

When you access to website, you can play in 3 modes. You must select witch game to play:

Normal mode

A random player has been chosen from the top 300 rated players from the Top 5 Leagues on Fifa 22. The aim is to guess which player it is within 12 attempts, by using players themselves as guesses.

Consider the case where our guess is Romagnoli. In this case, since all the fields are red, we know that the player is not a center back, he does not play in Seria A, and he is not Italian.

Footdle icons

A random player has been chosen from Prime Icon Moments from Fifa 22. The aim is to guess which player it is within 12 attempts, by using players themselves as guesses.

Consider the case where our guess is Zidane. Since there is a downwards arrow next to the rating, we know that the actual answer is a player that is rated 96 or lower. We also know that he isn’t a CAM, and that he isn’t French.

Footdle Higher lower

You will be asked which player has obtained the most goals, scored the most penalties, played the most minutes, or assisted the most in league games this season, between two players. You must select which player has the most of the seleted statistic. An example is shown below between Messi and Ronaldo’s league goals from the 21/22 season :

Who has the most goals?

How to play footdle?

This is the version that asks you to a football mysterios player in just twelve tries. When you write your player, in each attempt it will tell you tips and clues.

  • You get twelve guesses, try any current football player!
  • Green in any column indicates a match!
  • Red in any column indicates is not a match!
  • To make searching easier, almost all of the players from the Top 5 Leagues to the database (ENG, GER, ESP, FR, IT)
  • Player is still highly likely to be a higher rated player.
  • A new mystery player every day!

Note: Players details are listed as how they were at the start of FIFA 22.

▢️ Play Football wordle | Footdle Online

The game is very simple. Guess the name of the player in the silhouette. Select a player to see if you have the correct team, meeting, department, position, height, age, and number of people.

If you want to play, you can click here to play online free. Every day, a new football wordle is chosen which players aim to guess within twelve tries. Play Footdle game wordle and Share your statistics with us!

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Footdle game?

footdle online

The objective of Footdle is to try to solve a hidden football player. It is a game in which players have twelve chances to guess a a mysterious football player once a day.

How to play Footdle game?

The purpose of the game is to guess a mysterious football player known as Footdle in twelve tries. With each try, the colored blocks change to show how close you are to guessing the player. You will have a total of 12 attempts and you must guess the football player today.

How many times a day can you play Footdle?

You will only be able to play Footdle once a day, as there is only one possible football player a day to guess in this soccer word game. If you want to play again you can try in incognito mode to play unlimited games or also known as football wordle.

Is there a of football wordle?

The game similar to wordle but in which you have to guess football players with several clues is called Footdle. You can see a guide on how to play for more details, with rules, where to play for free and how to share your results.

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