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Eversoul Guide – How To Get Started

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Struggling with becoming the true saviour in Eversoul? The new gacha RPG just dropped, leaving everyone to start at square one. It’s not a problem though, because we’ve created an Eversoul guide, explaining all the core values of the game to help you get started in this exciting, new world!

By reading these hints, tips, and tricks, you’ll become an aspiring, confident saviour with a team of high ranking Souls. The game is based a lot on summoning and fighting in teams, so once you’ve got the basic concepts, you’ll be growing your Souls in no time! With that in mind, let’s dive into this Eversoul beginner’s guide.

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Eversoul Guide

We’ll split up the guide into a few different subheadings to make processing it easier for you.


You’ll be hearing the term “Souls” thrown about quite a bit when you play Eversouls. But what actually are they?

Souls are the characters that you’ll be collecting throughout the game. In Eversoul lore, they’re almost human, but they don’t quite cut it! They have special abilities, and are exceptional fighters, which is why you collect them for your team.

Upgrading Souls in Eversoul is a process called “growing Souls”. You can do this by selecting “level up” in the Souls tab in the menu (as long as you have the resources for it!)

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An Idle Game

Eversoul is an idle game, meaning even when you’re not actively on the game, your characters are still levelling up. There’s ups and downs to this kind of game, but the main concern is that eventually, you’ll hit a wall where you won’t be able to take on the next wave of enemies as they’re too strong.

You won’t be able to go back to earlier stages to farm, either, as stamina’s not really a thing. Instead, you’ll have to wait around for your characters to level up in the background – hence the term “idle game”.

When you open the game again in a few hours or sometimes even a day, your characters will have leveled up enough to progress to the next stage… until the next wall. In which case, you’ll restart the process all over again.

Combat Formation

Eversoul has a cool combat feature where, just before you begin the battle, you’ll decide what combat formation your team will take. The different ones have different statistics, and we’ll list them below…


  • Front row defence and health points +9%
  • Back row attack +6%


  • Front row defence and health points +6%
  • Back row attack +9%


  • Front row defence and health points +4%
  • Back row attack +16%


  • Front row defence and health points +16%
  • Back row attack +4%

They’re all pretty self-explanatory by their titles for what you would use each of them for. However, if you’re unsure of which one to use just before a battle begins, you can always select “auto-assign”, and the game will choose for you!

Other Tips & Tricks

There’s a few other tips and tircks that we’d like to list that could give you a certain edge over your next battle if used correctly!

Fountain of Recovery

A Fountain of Recovery is a healing fountain that you’ll find dotted around each level that you go through. The fountains, when interacted with, will restore health to your team.

Make sure you take full advantage of these fountains, as it could give you the edge that you need to win the next battle!


If you didn’t know, each character has their own unique ultimate that they can use in battle. The pay-off is that you can’t just use it whenever you like – you have to wait for the ultimate gauge to reach 100%.

You’ll know when your ultimate is ready, because a red icon will appear at the bottom of the screen next to your character. Tap it to enable your special move!

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