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Dordle Today Answers – October 27

We provide you with the solution for the puzzle of the Dordle Today Answers – October 27. Our daily hints and answers will help you guess the game’s words today in October. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

Looking for the answer for Dordle today? Well, we’re here to help you. In this guide, we provide the answer for today’s puzzle. What’s more, we keep this article updated every single day, so if you’re a big fan of Dordle and often struggle, we recommend bookmarking this page and checking back daily. That way, you’ll never struggle with a puzzle.

Dordle plays very similarly to Wordle, the game that kicked off this word game sensation, but with one key difference. In Wordle, you have six attempts to guess a single word. In Dordle, you have to try and guess two simultaneously. So, if Wordle hasn’t been given your brain enough of a sweat, give Dordle a go.

You can play Dordle on the official website. We cover a bunch of daily puzzle games, so if you’re looking for something new to play, we’ve got you covered. Check out the solutions to Globle today, Heardle today, Nerdle today, and Quordle today.

What Is Dordle?

Dordle is a daily puzzle game that draws inspiration from the word game sensation, Wordle, but turns things up a notch. Instead of just guessing a single word, you have to try and guess two simultaneously. That should give you a nice challenge.

How Does It Work?

How it works is pretty simple. You have seven attempts to guess two words simultaneously. Other than that, it’s the same game is Wordle, basically. Each time you guess a word, you get feedback. Letters that appear in the correct word are marked yellow or green – the former being a letter in the word but in the wrong place, while the latter is in the correct place and also in the word. Any letters that don’t appear in the word remain white.

Dordle Today – Definitions

Rather than just give you the answer right away, you might want some clues instead. We like to give you the definitions of the word from the Oxford Languages Dictionary:

in the middle of.

  1. “Practise a form of singing or calling marked by rapid alternation between the normal voice and falsetto.
  2. “Coat or mark (something) messily or carelessly with a greasy or sticky substance.

Tips and Tricks

Before we finally give you the answers, we thought we’d also put together a few tips that might help you solve future puzzles:

  • Vowels: Vowels appear in most words, so you should pick words that use as many of them as possible for your first two guesses at least. This should give you plenty of letters to play with that will help you guess the words correctly.
  • One at a time: It might be tricky to solve both words at once, so maybe give that a skip. Instead, focus on one at a time. Once you’ve solved the first word, you might have enough clues to crack on with the second.
  • Definitions: Use our definitions above to help you guess the words. That’s not quite as much cheating as just scrolling down and getting the answers.

Dordle Today

Here are the two answers for today’s daily Dordle:

  1. YODEL
  2. SMEAR

Previous Dordle Answers

  • October 26: DOLLY, SALSA
  • October 25: REUSE, CRAVE
  • October 24: MANGE, KIOST
  • October 23: BAYOU, MILKY
  • October 22: CROWD, DEMON
  • October 21: FORGE, AGATE
  • October 20: GRAPE, HOWDY
  • October 19: ATLAS, STAND
  • October 18: NURSE, SNORE
  • October 17: MAXIM, SHAKE
  • October 16: MIDST, DEBUG
  • October 15: LAYER, OCEON
  • October 14: QUEER, HONEY
  • October 13: BLURT, ULTRA
  • October 12: EMERY, ELFIN
  • October 11: TWEAK, VIOLA
  • October 10: TOPAZ, TONER
  • October 9: AMPLY, LATTE
  • October 8: ROBIN, CLAIM
  • October 7: LOFTY, ADORE
  • October 6: MOODY, PAUSE
  • October 5: TOSO, WOUND
  • October 4: ROGER, BESOT
  • October 3: AMISS, MEDAL
  • October 2: SNAKY, BRAKE
  • October 1: AWASH, OBESE
  • September 30: SPARE, SWINE
  • September 29: PORCH, OUTER
  • September 28: ADEPT, RIVET
  • September 27: ARGOT, SUAVE
  • September 26: SAUCE, BADGE
  • September 25: SWUNG, SWEEP
  • September 24: FIFTY, GLOSS
  • September 23: TRACT, CRONY
  • September 22: LINGO, SHOOK
  • September 21: TRUCK, FORAY
  • September 20: LEAFY, LEAVE
  • September 19: FORAY, TAINT
  • September 18: HUTCH, COMIC
  • September 17: DETOX, ORDER
  • September 16: FINAL, TOUGH
  • September 15: NOISY, DEFER
  • September 14: YUCKY, CIVIL
  • September 13: BUTTE, CREEP
  • September 12: CLEAR, QUEST
  • September 11: RAJAH, PUREE
  • September 10: ALOFT, MILKY
  • September 9: BRINK, SCALP
  • September 8: FUNNY, WHINE
  • September 7: CRIER, MILKY
  • September 6: ANGEL, WHOOP
  • September 5: AMISS, WORRY
  • September 4: STEAK, DRILL
  • September 3: MOPED, WHALE
  • September 2: SCOOP, FUZZY
  • September 1: AROSE, BANAL
  • August 31: ABBOT, AISLE
  • August 30: BROOD, EARTH
  • August 29: SWEEP, DETOX
  • August 28: SPECK, AUGHT
  • August 27: VALUE, HOUSE
  • August 26: JOINT, POLKA
  • August 25: FLARE, ALONG
  • August 24: FETUS, SHILL
  • August 23: ISLET, UNFIT
  • August 22: TRASH, LEASH
  • August 21: SCOLD, TROPE
  • August 20: CUMIN, WOODS
  • August 19: VOTER, FETID
  • August 18: STUNK, TASTE
  • August 17: STENT, HARSH
  • August 16: KNOCK, NEVER
  • August 15: CREEP, SWATH
  • August 14: MASON, REINS
  • August 13: WAGER, TUNIC
  • August 12: BUXOM, CHAFF
  • August 11: ANISE, IDYLL
  • August 10: THONG, FREER
  • August 9: USING, SAPPY
  • August 8: BARON, SPORT
  • August 7: ABBOT, VENUE
  • August 6: AWARD, DIMLY
  • August 5: WAVED, RAISE
  • August 4: TONED, PURSE
  • August 3: NINTH, SWING
  • August 2: SHALE, UNITE
  • August 1: DECOY, WEEDY

That will do it for our Dordle today guide. Make sure to play the game by clicking the link at the top of this page, check out our related guides linked in the third paragraph, and bookmark this page to check back for your daily solutions.

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