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Dead Space Marker Fragment Guide – All Locations Listed

Looking for Dead Space Marker Fragment Guide – All Locations Listed? Redeem these codes Now with instructions on how to enter them and redeem your gifts. Continue reading if you want to know all about Dead Space Marker Fragment Guide – All Locations Listed.

Looking for a Dead Space Marker Fragment guide? Look no further! This guide can help you find all 12 Marker Fragments in the game. We’ve also included step-by-step instructions on how to find each one, as well as which chapter they appear in! Make sure to bookmark this page to refer back to as you search for the Marker Fragments.

Dead Space is a survival horror game that brings an immersive experience to the table. The remake embellishes the original title, and adds extra layers to the game. You play as Isaac Clarke, an engineer who is tasked with the major job of repairing the entire ship. His mission soon turns dire, as he realises the entire crew has been murdered by an unknown entity, and his partner is missing.

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Dead Space Marker Fragment Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Marker Fragment Locations

Marker Fragment 1 – Chapter 1

  • Track the “Find the Data Board” mission
  • Follow the line to the Maintenance Bay
  • Go up the elevator
  • Use the circuit breaker to power the Maintenance Room
  • Go down in the elevator and head to the Maintenance Office (use your map for guidance!)
  • Find the Data Board in this room
  • Once you reach the Data Board, turn right, and you’ll see a purple object that glows
  • Pick up the purple object – it’s a Marker Fragment!

Marker Fragment 2 – Chapter 2

  • Track the “Find a Shock Pad” mission
  • Kill every enemy to unlock the quarantine zone
  • Next, you need to head to Dr T Kyne’s Office
  • This room is on the lowest floor, and it has a hidden room inside!
  • Look for large shelves on the wall and use your kinesis to move them
  • You’ll see the entrance to the hidden room
  • Pick up the Marker Fragment inside!

Marker Fragment 3 – Chapter 3

  • Once you get the objective “Manually Ignite the Engines”, you can begin your search!
  • Defeat the tentacle and walk through the decontamination area
  • Reach the Engine Room and defeat the enemies inside
  • Look for the “Power Sub-Station 003” alcove
  • As you face it, move left and look into the dark space
  • Pick up the Marker Fragment!

Marker Fragment 4 – Chapter 4

  • Track the “Reroute Power from Electrical Systems” mission
  • Follow the line as you go down the elevator to the third floor of the Bridge
  • Head to the Break Room (It’s in the south!)
  • Walk inside the Break Room and pick up the Marker Fragment!

Marker Fragment 5 – Chapter 5

  • Track the quest “Lift the Lockdown”
  • Follow the line and reach an office labelled “Dr C Mercer – 2SO”
  • Walk inside the office to find the Marker Fragment on the desk!

Marker Fragment 6 – Chapter 5

  • Once you pick up the 5th Marker Fragment, the next objective called “Acquire the Liquid Nitrogen” will start
  • Head to the Cryogenics area
  • Once you reach the area, before you start the battle with the Hunter, walk to the cryogenic chamber and look up
  • You’ll find the 6th Marker Fragment!
  • Use kinesis to bring it down

Marker Fragment 7 – Chapter 6

  • After you’ve injected the 6th Wheezer, you’ll find yourself on the right of the top deck in the East Grow Chamber
  • Use zero gravity to fly over to the opposite side of the room
  • Pick up the Marker Fragment in the alcove!

Marker Fragment 8 – Chapter 7

  • Complete the “Find the Admin RIG” objective and then track the “Find the SOS Beacon” objective
  • Look at your map for the Mineral Samples room
  • Head to the Mineral Samples room
  • You’ll find the Marker Fragment on a shelf!

Marker Fragment 9 – Chapter 8

  • During the “Fix the Comms Array” objective, you need to face the Communication Control screen
  • Move to the left
  • You’ll find the Marker Fragment in a nook!

Marker Fragment 10 – Chapter 10

  • Arrive at the Deluxe Quarters room during the “Destroy Tendril in Deluxe Quarters” objective
  • Clear the quarantine room
  • Leave the room and go to the Deluxe Quiet Bunks that can be found across the corridor
  • Pick up a power source
  • Carry it to the Circuit Breaker and place it into the socket to turn on the doors
  • Go back to the Deluxe Quarters
  • In the South, you’ll see the Deluxe Shift Bunks room
  • Head inside this room to find the Marker Fragment on the desk!

Marker Fragment 11 – Chapter 10

  • Enter the Chief Steward’s office during the “Destroy Tendril in Chief Steward’s Office” objective
  • After the cutscene, the door to the Inquiry Desks will open
  • Head into this room and pick up the fragment! (You’ll also have to fight a Tendril)

Marker Fragment 12 – Chapter 11

  • Go the the South East in the Cargo Bay area during the “Engage the Cargo Crane” objective
  • You’ll find the Marker Fragment on a shelf!

For more information, check out the game’s official website, or the official Twitter page.

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