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Clawee Free Coins – Tips, Tricks, and Cheats

We provide you with the solution for the puzzle of the Clawee Free Coins – Tips, Tricks, and Cheats. Our daily hints and answers will help you guess the game’s words today in October. Continue reading to know to know today’s solution of the challenge.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Clawee free coins, you’re in the right spot. In this guide, we’re going to put together some handy tips and tricks to help you play without spending a penny. We’ll warn you in advance though: the methods are few and far between.

Clawee is a fun little mobile game that takes the joy of the arcade claw machine and plonks it right onto your phone. And we mean that quite literally, too. Clawee actually livestreams genuine claw machines on your phone. You use on-screen buttons to direct the claw, and if it manages to pick up a prize and hold onto it, you genuinely win it.

If you’re on the hunt for a new mobile game, we’ve got plenty to recommend. Coin Master is great for dipping in and out of on a daily basis, and you can grab free stuff from our Coin Master spins guide. Fancy giving your brain a workout? Check out Wordscapes. This takes the joy of the crossword but gives it a bit of a spin. We’ve put together a Wordscapes daily answers guide to help you beat today’s puzzle, too.

How to Get Clawee Free Coins

We’ve played a bunch of Clawee. We even won a little Charmander plushie, which was pretty cool. As a result, we have settled on two legitimate methods to get free coins, and we’re going to detail them for you right now.

The Best Clawee Free Coins Method – Recruit Friends

The absolute best method we’ve found for getting free coins in Clawee is to recruit friends to play. This is pretty simple, and just requires you to drop a link onto whatever social media platform you want.

This rewards you with 500 free coins, which is actually pretty decent in itself. However, there are occasionally offers that double that to 1,000, and we recommend taking advantage of these whenever they come up.

Finding enough friends to get this with any regularity might be tricky, but you might be able to create multiple accounts. Android emulators like Memu Play or Game Loop may even make this easier, but you’ll have to experiment on your own.

The Alternative – Level Up

Each time you level up, you get free coins. The amount is middling, but it can add up over time. We recommend playing as often as you can, and taking advantage of the free coin methods in this guide to help you.

The Not-Quite-Free – Subscribe

So, this method isn’t free, but it does lead to a lot of freebies. If you’re serious about playing Clawee often and winning those prizes, you’re probably best of subscribing. This costs $8.99, and provides you with a whopping 2,100 coins as a welcome bonus.

Not only that, but you get 14 days worth of free daily rounds, which will help you level up and earn you more free coins. You also get free shipping on all prizes, and unlock the ability to exchange them for coins. That way, if you win something you don’t want, you can unlock another attempt at something you do.

There’s potential to earn even more coins too from Clawee Club. Another benefit is ‘exclusive prizes’. We don’t know what this means, but occasionally you may get free coins or rounds.

Is Clawee Safe, Real, and Legit?

We’ve played Clawee a fair bit now, and we can confirm that it doesn’t seem to be harmful. However, we haven’t tried to redeem any of our prizes, so we can’t comment on the delivery service.

It’s worth bearing in mind that it is quite difficult to play Clawee for free. If you want to get the most out of it, you probably will need to subscribe. You can grab Clawee from the App Store or Google Play via the links at the top of this page.

Published: 2022-11-04 15:13:09

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