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Age of Origins Gets a Host of New Events to Celebrate Its 4th Anniversary

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Believe it or not, Age of Origins is four years old. 

In that time, Camel Games genre-straddling zombie strategy MMO has attracted more than 100 million downloads. 

The game’s apocalyptic open world is absolutely swarming with players, all working on their strongholds, forging alliances, fighting battles, recruiting heroes, and expanding their empires. 

And still those zombies keep on coming.

To celebrate Age of Origins’s fourth birthday, Camel Games is holding a massive 4th Anniversary Celebration, consisting of a host of in-game events starting on October 18th. 

There’s a lot to get through, so we’ll just dive in. 

4th Anniversary Celebrations

First up, Bake Cakes. This event sees players baking an Anniversary Cake to unlock Gala Delivery Gifts. 

Don’t worry: you don’t really have to bake a cake. It’s strictly in-game. 

To obtain baking materials, all you need to do is complete daily quests. As your cake gains new layers you unlock new Gala Delivery Rewards. These rewards are entered into the Reward Pool, and at the end of the event you’ll receive two randomly selected rewards. 

The main anniversary event also includes Gala Parade, Gala Medal, A Year in Review, and Grateful Giveback. 

Once you’ve joined these events you need to complete the relevant event quests to earn baking materials and a ton of other rewards. These include Officer Fragments, Gold Packs, and Speed Up items. 

Joining the Gala Parade will net you some new Purple Decorations for your island, while the Gala Medal event will earn you an exclusive firework with which to decorate your City. 

The Year in Review event, meanwhile, is an opportunity to watch your year back and share your favorite memories to earn Gala Medal points. 

Triangle War

Alongside the main anniversary celebrations there’s Triangle War, a brand new event. 

As you can probably guess, Triangle War is a three-side battle event that sees the top three Alliances in every Nation going to the mat. 

Each Alliance is tasked with overcoming another Alliance’s defenses across two phases: Group Match and Round Robin. 

The Group Match phase consists of nine Groups, each containing nine Alliances. The top three Alliances from each Group go through to the Round Robin stage until, after six days of carnage, a winner emerges. 

The battle system in Triangle War is fascinating. Alliances play on a triangular battlefield, and each side of this triangle contains seven islands that you need to attack and occupy in order. 

And that’s no small feat. Each island has 16 strongholds to overcome, and you can’t move on to the next island until you’ve crushed them all. Needless to say, you won’t get far without sound tactics and well-coordinated cooperation with your allies. 

You’ll be relieved to learn that the Triangle War event doesn’t use your actual troops, so you don’t need to worry about casualties. The timing is flexible, too, and you don’t need to be online for any part of it.

This means you can easily take part no matter what time zone you live in.  

Fishing Master

Finally, there’s the new Fishing Master event, beginning in October. It sees you – yes – catching fish. 

There are three different star levels to catch, categorized by rarity. At the 1-star level there are 25, 15 at 2-star, and ten at 3-star. The higher a fish’s star level, the more Fishing Points you’ll earn by catching it. 

You start the event with a basic net, suitable for catching 1-star and 2-star fish. Eventually you’ll unlock the advanced net, allowing you to catch 3-star fish too. 

Interestingly, the Fishing Master event also equips you with a scoop net that allows you steal fish from other players and claim their Fishing Points. 


And There’s More

On top of all this, Age of Origins now has a new Basketball Court decoration to add to its list of Island Decorations.

The Basketball Court is not only decorative, of course. It also ups your battle power and gives your troops a special Shield Breaker buff. This increases their overall attack level, as well as the damage they deal against units holding shields. 

That’s a lot of new content to get your teeth into, and a lot of rewards to claim. 

Camel Games has also provided us with a redeem code valid between the 28th of October and the 28th of November. Use the code gamezebo2210 but be quick as this is limited to the first 300 accounts to use the code.

To get started, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download Age of Origins for free right now. 

Published: 2022-10-29 09:58:05

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